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Other games thread...?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. Um, so here is the other games thread I guess?

    Tech started Duffy again...this should be interesting.
  2. Tulane vs Army is on cbs sports channel I believe. Think both are 3-1 so far.

    Michigan up on Iowa early, 3-0.

    Tech amazingly up on Okie State early too, 3-0.
  3. Wisky. LSU, Penn St and Maryland all score first against inferior teams. 7-0
  4. Pedo State helped out by a non-call on an obvious illegal fair catch signal.
  5. From what little I've watched, we should never call anything but running plays against Tech.
  6. Let’s see if Iowa can finally knock Michigan out of top 25.
  7. 10-0 Miiiiichigan
  8. God, the Big 1 is so awful.
  9. Purdue holding up well today.....
  10. Man they’re having an injury ridden season this year like we had. That list before the game was pretty extensive. And lost 3 more receivers this week alone in practice.
  11. Totally unrelated but hilarious.

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  12. I've never seen a team get the benefit of the doubt more than this board giving the benefit of the doubt to Oklahoma State year in and year out

    They are a mediocre program. Yet if you only read this forum you would think they are a Top 10 program every time they take the field
  13. Tech up 10-0. Chubby looking like [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ].
  14. man, thought OSU was better than this. Guess they don't like 11 am games either. I guess going from the center of the CTZ to the far western side creates body clock issues.
  15. Bad injury for #4 for Tech.
  16. Notre Dame?
  17. Okie St with an 18 yd punt. Yikes
  18. OSU looks awful so far.
  19. Just saw a dude at the Tech game in a full on sweatshirt...he’ll be dead by 12:45.
  20. Aggies down 7-6 at LSU

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