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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by jugbandxmas, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. Does Kansas have the same offense as TCU? RPO, spread...I don't like that TCU has a similar offense as Kansas. They are using Pooka like TCU uses Spielman/Barber. WR and RBs going east and west...lots of end arounds. Difference is Duggan runs too much and they let Pooka run most plays. They even get flags against the OL every other positive play.
  2. One of the weakest targeting calls I have ever seen in the KU WVU game.
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  4. Kansas OL and DL looks a lot like TCUs OL and DL. Giving up big plays to offenses and giving up big backfield hits to defenses.

    I can't believe TCU with all their great recruiting is at Kansas levels in the trenches. That is why TCU has been losing.
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  5. Watching Aggy at Ms. State...

    It very much reminds me of watching 1.) Our present-day offense, vs. 2.) Our 2014 defense.
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  6. [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ty slate of games today. Hopefully the night games are better.
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  7. It really does. Going against a 3-man front and can’t do anything because there are guys all over the short and intermediate passing lanes and can’t run because all runs are slow developing and give the defenders time to adjust.
  8. It's a baseball kinda Saturday
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  9. What kills me about that, is that as you and I have discussed before, football is a game of adjustments. People (like GMFP in 2006) adjusted to the Air Raid, and slowly those adjustments have made their way across the nation. Now, it is common knowledge how to defeat the Air Raid, and we are looking at it.

    That is not to say that there are elements of that offense that are good, and usable. There are, but in their own time and with the right personnel (and the wrong defensive folks on the field). I keep thinking that offensively, we are standing in front of the Chinese Buffet and only getting one or two items, while there are so many tasty alternatives!
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    Just theorizing here, but it might be that some guys are true believers, in that they believe so much in their system that a stubbornness sets in, partly because of ego and partly because they know no other way. BTW, I'd put Leach more into that category than GP but I do think Meacham is a true believer in the Air Raid concepts. He'll probably be writing books about it (that noone will read) when he's 80 years old.
  11. Agreed.

    An elasticity of mind is a must-have in the ever changing world of sport. There never really is a permanent "right" way to do anything. Someone cleverer than yourself will always find a way...
  12. Costello is awful, just horrible protection of the ball on a lame sack/fumble
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  13. Leach’s O is not looking impressive
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  14. Watching Arkie play football brings back painful memories. Hard to fathom how we end up losing to a team that year after year seems hellbent on trying to lose games.
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  15. Then again...it ain’t like Ole Miss wants to win a game either
  16. It’s like watching us. So lame.

    The Air Raid sucks.
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  17. Which is why I have been advocating for LHCGP to take a more CEO/Saban role. He can have core beliefs, but they evolve with the people you bring in and coach to be competent.
  18. Afraid it's too late.
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  19. So amazingly not equipped for that role.
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