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ot - [ What the heck? ] joe west

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Eight, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Doesn't matter. Replay would have gotten it right.
  2. Obviously West ain't real light on his feet. But in his defense, that ball is tailing at him. Which had to surprise him that a throw was that far off. Then in a split second he has to decide does he move to his right (which would mean he'd be obstructing the fielder's view of the ball), or move to his left in the direction the ball is tailing. Suppose he could've hit the dirt. I guess he froze. Took it like a man though. Take it easy on him.
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    the question i would love to have answered by anyone who has umpired is are you taught to follow the ball to the bag on that play or turn to the play and wait for the throw.

    west getting hit is not the issue to me, but instead the fact he continued to stare at home plate the entire time and never pivoted even after he base runner has passed by his position.

    as someone else mentioned even if the throw misses the right shoulder and holt can make the catch there is no way west is in position to see marisnick slide into second.
  4. Just from what I've seen having watched baseball all my life, the ump watches for the throw as he gets into position and then turns to wait for the throw to get there and make the call. As someone said, West was "deer in headlights" and slow to react.
  5. This thread is proof that ANYTHING is better discussion topic than our offense this season....
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  6. You make it sound like a speeding bullet rather than a thrown ball that is intended on being caught. My guess is that West was worried about being in the base paths and was distracted by the runner. Otherwise, you just pivot to get out of the way. I got ten plus years being an umpire, never once got hit by a thrown ball. Never got hit by a batted ball... came close once. The training is that you keep your eye on the ball until its thrown to protect yourself from getting plunked. Once its thrown you take position to make the call.
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  7. Karma's a [ hundin].

    -Joe West
  8. I don't get the call. Or the non-reversal. That ball is headed for the seats and I don't think the fan(s) reached over the field really. Looks like it's right over the wall when there's contact. Hope it doesn't cost Astros the game.
  9. I can see both sides of it. Not an angle to say 100% the fans didn’t reach over. Contact is made before Betts hits the wall so you can make an argument that he was right over the wall still. The fan on the far right that reaches across everyone kind of shows the the play may still be over the wall and not beyond. I do think that it was probably beyond and should have been a HR. If it was called a HR on thefield then It would have stood I think
  10. I totally understand why the call stood. I'm completely dumbfounded that Joe's eyes are that good.
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  11. I guess this is the unofficial postseason thread. What an incredible throw by Betts. I'm in complete amazement that he threw out Kemp.
  12. It was an unbelievable play by Betts but Kemp should never have gone for the double in thatsituation. I realize you take away the double-play potential, but you’re down 3 runs in the 8th. We don’t need 1 run, we need a crooked number.

    Don’t risk it unless it’s a sure thing.

    And I love Kemp
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  13. Diving play gives Astros a chance
  14. Clowns behind home plate making fun of Kimbrel out of the stretch. Idiots
  15. The LSU dude was at the Shriners thing last year. Annoying AF.
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  16. It took a great play but you have to question why Bregman jumped on the first pitch. Kimbrel was all over the place.
  17. At least the Astros won a world series

    You could be a rangers fan like me and still be reeling from 2011
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  18. Pedro taking shots at Angel Hernandez in the post-game.

    Btw, this is the best TBS can get for a studio show? Gary Sheffield is awful.
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  19. Observations....

    The fan interference was the correct call.

    That take above by Buster is just stupid.

    Yes, that LSU guy is a beating.

    Go Red Sox.

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