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ot - [ What the heck? ] joe west

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Eight, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. so you are a MLB ump eh. seriously you are clueless. you wouldn’t even know where you were supposed to station.
  2. No, I'm not a MLB ump. And this has nothing to do with where he or I or anyone else is supposed to station. This is about getting the hell out of the way, and there is zero chance I get hit by that ball. Deal with it.
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  3. it has everything to do with being a MLB ump. position and focus are the key elements. so he got hit by a wildly errant throw. you act like the guy is an oaf but no way would you handle it better.

    quit your whining and go out there do it yourself. you wouldn’t last a week even in the minors.
  4. I was with you until this.
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  5. This is a real weird hot sports take that crypto miner is taking here.
  6. Joe West’s unclebrother
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  7. and you miss 90% of the calls at second. come on man its more involved than your mind can comprehend so just stop or try it yourself. lets follow your career as a wannabe MLB ump. its so easy even someone like you can do it.
  8. He literally never once looks at the bag. He is staring straight ahead at the catcher (with the bag behind him) the entire time. There is zero excuse not to get out of the way there.
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  9. it is so easy

    signed Joe West’s uncle
  10. Yes, dodging a ball at that distance is so easy.

    Glad we could finally come to an agreement
  11. Show me once where I said I'm a better umpire, or attacked his umpiring ability (which wouldn't be terribly difficult). I am not claiming to be a better umpire, just that on that particular play the ball doesn't hit me...period.

    He watched the damn thing fly 120-ish feet and he moved a grand total of about 6 inches to his left to avoid taking it on the chin.

    In the grand scheme of things, yes your uncle is a good umpire (compared to ALL umpires, not just other MLB umps). But I'm sorry, he's a fatass.
  12. I’ve seen some bizarre arguments on here but man.... has a strange Feisty vibe to it too.
  13. Your argument would make a lot more sense if he was actually turning to make a call at second and got hit in the back or the side since you know the play he’s making a call on is behind him. If the throw didn’t hit him he would have had no way of being able to turn and see what’s goin on. Comical that you think he’s one of the best. Joe West threw out Beltre so that’s all you need to know about him being a [ profanity ].
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  14. The on deck incident? That was Gerry Davis. He too sucks.
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  15. If it’s the one I’m thinking of it was in Oakland and Beltre had an off day.
  16. If it was thrown off of the back foot, he would have had plenty of time to step out of the way.
  17. I’m thinking of Joe West calling him the biggest complainer in baseball and getting a 3 game suspension. I knew the two of them had some type of story
  18. How was he positioned properly to call a play at 2nd base when he faces home plate the entire time?
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  19. i have no issue where west was in respect to second base.

    my point crypto simply was the guy never begins to turn towards the play at second. he is a freaking deer in the headlights as the throw tails into.

    if he gets hit in the back or the side oh well, but how do you explain west getting him in the right shoulder with is head facing home plate and the base runner sliding into the base and the second baseman waiting for the throw.
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  20. That's right. I remember that game. I tuned in to see Joe West. Forgot who was even playing.
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