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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Eight, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. at the risk of this thread deteriorating into an argument about how tcu gives out scholarships, why baseball will suck like football, or how it was nice to see an off target throw not get intercepted i wanted to get some perspective on how in the world this even happens.

    8th inning of the astros- red sox and jake marisnick breaks to steal 2nd base. christian vazquez rushes a throw that begins to tail to the right field side of 2nd base. in fact the only reason this throw doesn't sail out into the outfield is that it his the right should or second base umpire joe west.


    i normally screw up attaching videos off twitter so i added a link for those who have not seen the play.

    re-watching i am a bit confused on exactly what joe west is doing on the play. marisnick is sliding into second base, brock holt is waiting on second and west is still facing home plate. how in the world could he possibly be calling the play at second if he is still staring at home plate?

    i have no idea if the red sox pitcher shielded west from initially seeing the throw which is why he might have reacted so slowly and really made no throw to get out of the way, but how in the world does he not notice a base runner going to second and the second baseman breaking for the bag just a few feet away from him.

    curious if any has seen a player similar to this as i couldn't, son couldn't, son's friend who caught in little league, high school and college couldn't recall.

    the friend readily admits he has hit multiple pitchers, one was a room mate in college who still swear he did it on purpose, but the three of us could not recall seeing an umpire who just appeared to be completely unware of everything going on around him
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  2. When I heard Joe West got hit by a ball I just assumed Shawn Robinson threw it. Did I do that right?
  3. He's a big target.
  4. so is nelson cruz and yet somehow that ball missed him

    i will admit that a few times last time i caught myself wondering if chris farley actually awas dead and why he was umpiring second base
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  5. Lacks quick-twitch evasiveness and doesn’t flip his hips very well it would appear.

    Also may have been day-dreaming about dinner #2
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  6. This reminds me of a softball game my daughter played at a tournament in south Dakota.

    First inning, a ball gets hit through the right side of the infield and my 16 y o daughter, playing RF, charges it and comes up throwing to retire the runner at first.

    One inning later, a ball gets hit through the right side again. She comes up throwing again but has to hold the ball because the (only) base umpire is positioned perfectly between her and first base. She would have hit him squarely in the back of the head with the throw (I wanted to tell her she should have thrown it but).

    First of all, what the hell are you doing standing exactly there? Second, what the hell are you doing standing there when a ball hit to the same spot was fielded and thrown to first earlier in the same game, by the same player in right?
  7. As a long time HS baseball umpire, that is just pathetic. If you are too fat to move out of the way of that thrown ball, you need to get a new job.
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  8. I'll buy the first ticket on the Joe West should be fired train but I don't necessarily put it on him. The umpire has to pivot with the flight of the ball and at this level you don't expect such a poor throw. Would a younger, non-obese umpire be able to avoid such a throw? Sure. But of the million reasons to hate the guy, this isn't one of them.
  9. Angel Hernandez would have tossed the catcher.
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  10. He took it like a boss tho. Just stared down the catcher. (It was a terribad throw btw.)
  11. Depends on if Joe West was wearing a frog uniform or not. If he wasn’t in purple, then yeah, you did it right
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  12. Seriously are you complaining the ump who was properly positioned got tagged by a wayward throw?

    He is considered part of the field.

  13. I think the ball gets there a little faster in the bigs as opposed to some low level hs game.
  14. Everyone knows that he is considered part of the field of play, but as an umpire you are supposed to do what you can to get out of the way. You’re not supposed to just stand there and wear it.

    He had over 100 feet of ball flight coming straight at him to move and he did nothing.
  15. why don’t you try it first.
  16. I’m a non-handicapped adult with working reflexes, so I’m sure I would have no problem getting out of the way of that ball.
  17. what you don’t understand is his focus is first on the bag. He has to make a call at second and suddenly there is a ball at 90 plus tailing in on him. Try that scenario a few times and see how long you last.

    one of the best umps out there.
  18. good for you but your not anywhere close to Joe West in talent so all you are is BSing. Thump your chest all you want but you would have been pegged big time.
  19. Zero chance I get hit by a thrown ball all the way at 2nd base. I've dodged line drives from about 55ft travelling MUCH faster than 90mph within the last year. He's a fatass, plain and simple.
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