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OT - what is the longest you have waited or would wait for BBQ?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Seems like someone needs to make a phone call.
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  2. Heard Evie Mae's in Lubbock is very good and has long lines, but they give you free beer while you wait so that's a win-win in my book.
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  3. Damn. 45 hrs is a long time to wait for ribs...

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  4. You gotta plan WAY ahead.

    In truth, I just talk a good game. I never let barbecue very rest long.
  5. If I were a lawyer and won I’d just ask for comped bbq
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  6. Routinely, 45 minutes to an hour at Grimaldi's original pizza place in Brooklyn, NY. Once in the rain. Well worth it (and nothing like the chain Grimaldi's that are in DFW).
  7. That doesn’t sound like bbq.
  8. Learn to read THE ENTIRE original post.
    OP wrote: What is the longest you have ever waited (willingly) or would wait for restaurant food?
    You can apologize publicly now.
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  9. It is about BBQ in this thread. Sir, if want to bring all restaurants into the equation, you have to bring beer to the party. Them the rules.
  10. How long would you wait to play top golf?
  11. I waited at Babe’s in Roanoke for an hour and 45 minutes once. However, as others have qualified, it was my first time there and we were doing a family event.

    Subsequent trips did not involve waiting that long as a I wouldn’t have done it.
  12. 1 hour, but at Oklahoma Joe’s in Kansas City gas station.
  13. Yeah special trips only for that. People take lawn chairs and beer and make it an event. Now I just get it to go.
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  14. an hour and 45 minutes. that stuff better cure cancer.

    i can do the entire meal is a shorter time than that
  15. it is called a tee time and if you are making me wait for something i have scheduled ahead you better comp me something.

    oh, and while on this topic that damn pace of play better be legit.
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  16. Not sure you know what Top Golf is.
  17. i do know, i have gone twice as part of things for work, and my answer is in response to the idea of being surrounded by drunks who have never swung a club before and freaking kids' parties.

    golden tee was invented so drunks can play golf at bars, if i wanted bad food and overpriced drinks i would join a country club, and i really don't need a television while swinging a club. i go to the golf course to get away from technology.
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  18. W
    What should we talk about ? Shoes? Fixer upper season 6?
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  19. Gotcha and I agree.

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