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OT - TSA Triggered by Texas Tech Gun's Up

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Texas Tech student questioned by TSA for brandishing school's 'finger gun' salute

    "Taking a semester off from Texas Tech University to help her family recover from Hurricane Harvey, Diana Durkin was thrilled to return to campus for her sophomore year. But ironically, it was her enthusiasm that nearly halted her plans when she was stopped by the TSA before a Jan. 6 flight out of William P. Hobby Airport in Houston.

    ...Durkin said that Texas Tech fans often salute each other with a finger gun and a “Wreck ‘em” slogan when they see each other — which is exactly what got her flagged by the TSA."

    So many storylines possible with this one....

  2. Was thinking this was an onion piece.
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  3. "Don't be dumb" seems like the appropriate response.

    I just can't tell if that should be directed at the TSA for misinterpreting a collegiate symbol, or to the idiot that thought flashing a gun sign in an airport was a great idea.
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  4. What always killed me about the Guns Up symbol is a full on 97% of the student body and alumni don't do it right. They just throw up a big L most of the time.

    I know it's stupid but that always aggravated me. If you have a hand sign, do it right and don't embarrass yourself when doing it.
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  5. Wonder what percentage of "gun's up" hand salutes they've missed? So far we only know of one that was "caught" but I bet they missed several more. Thought I'd leave this here...from Newsweek last November.

    Airport screeners working for the “badly” run Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reportedly failed to detect weapons more than 70 percent of the time in undercover tests — but that massive failure rate is actually an improvement from a similar test two years ago. Undercover investigators were able to smuggle mock knives, guns and explosives through airport checkpoints earlier this year, and succeeded far more often than they failed. But at least airport security is improving— slightly.
  6. Security theater, man.
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  7. Tech student and TSA agent walk into a bar...
  8. Isn't TSA a major at Tech?
  9. T
    TSA is for Tech rejects. Not many places can claim that.
  10. Coaches gotta be more aware that officials could misinterpret that hand sign. Should’ve informed TSA what it meant beforehand.

    Wait, what?
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  11. does TSA end with Aggie?
  12. I think it is. Courses include "Identification Verification", "Monitor Monitoring", "Liquids Confiscation", "Conflict Escalation", "Intro to Inefficiency", "History of the Queue", and it's most popular courses are "Pat Downs I and II".
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  13. You left out "Looking and sounding busy while actually doing nothing at all."
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  14. You forgot one tool....

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  15. As well as "Rules: Memorizing, Amending as you Damn Well Please, and Unnecesarily Yelling Them At Crowds Repeatedly 101."
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. My biggest gripe with TSA is how inconsistent they are airport to airport, terminal to terminal.
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  18. Fly into Newark much?

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