OT - TSA Triggered by Texas Tech Gun's Up

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  1. I don't remember the exact circumstance but I had a TSA jack wagon tell me to do something that I had never had to do at any airport. When I kind of questioned it politely he basically told me what a dumbass I was for not knowing how TSA operates everywhere.

    And you can't say or do anything or you risk not being allowed to fly. Freedom.

    Edit: forgot to add - it's not like my other airport sample is small. I imagine I have been in 50+ different domestic airports in past 5 years. That estimate may be low.
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  2. There are some videos on Facebook that are pretty funny about the TSA. The guy is a major democrat but he shows how the TSA don’t even know their own rules
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  3. Another favorite of mine:

    At Fort Lauderdale International, not too long ago, they required you to keep your boarding pass in your hand as you went through the body scanner or metal detector. Unless your boarding pass was on your phone. Then it was ok to not have it on you as you went through the body scanner or metal detector. They would get very angry if you didn't have it on you until you said it was on your phone.

    So I ask, what was the point? There wasn't one. Except TSA guys wanting to exercise control over the masses. It's all security kabuki theater.
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  4. I got to spend a few extra minutes in a security room at good ole DFW Airport a few years ago on the Sunday after Spring Break because I was "harassing" the conveyor belt operator. She wouldn't stop the belt and people's stuff started piling up and a lady trying to herd four kids all with their pretty little rollaboards had her purse fall off and spill its contents all over the floor. I asked politely the first time to please stop the belt but by the fourth time or so I said something I'm sure it was at a volume and intensity level unappreciated by the staff. And she still didn't stop the belt. I was asked to apologize to her for "causing her stress" and distracting her from her job but I refused this offer. Luckily my flight was delayed (surprise) so I didn't miss it.

    The moral of this story should have been:
    • Don't fly on the Sunday after Spring Break.
    • Don't try to fly alone with four children under the age of 7-8 ish.
    • Don't fly at all with four children under the age of 7-8 ish.
    • Zip up your damn purse when you put it on a conveyor belt.
    • Stop the conveyor belt when items start to pile up and fall off the side.
    Instead, the moral of the story is refrain from loudly saying, "Stop the conveyor belt."
  5. I was accused of flashing the TSA agent going through scanner on my way to ATL because the long necklace I was wearing caught the edge of my shirt when they told me to "swing it around to my back" to avoid detection and exposed my stomach and part of the black bra I was wearing. The two guys behind me started cracking up and I almost DIED of embarrassment because of the way the TSA agents were joking and carrying on about it. So ridiculous.
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  6. If you could provide visual assistance it would be appreciated.
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  7. Should have threaten to sue for harassment. They stop joking real quick
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  8. Never have.
  9. They are ridiculous, but you better keep your mouth shut or they gon cavity search yo azz.
  10. You ever done the one where tsa pre and nonpre still go the same line but they give tsa pre a plastic card that you hand off as you go through the detector?
  11. All the time. What about when they open a Pre lane for about 15 minutes and then decide to shut it down and give you the card instead? Happens in Terminal A in Newark all the time.
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  12. Because a gun sign only 15 yards...like a throat slash...
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  13. The TSA pre line thing is worth it even if you only fly once per year.
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  14. You'd have to ask TSA about that:)
  15. One time through the Atlanta airport I asked a TSA agent where the pre check line was and she told me just to get in the general line. I was confused until I got in line and was told that everyone in general was pre check for the day. So apparently it isn't necessary to do all the things they do to ensure safety. Again, its theater.

    As an aside, for you frequent travelers out there, you never want to be in a general line that suddenly becomes pre check. Most travelers can barely make it through a normal line. Change the rules on them and they basically shut down. No matter how many times they were instructed to leave shoes on they just couldn't understand it.

    Another favorite of mine is the person, new to pre check, that just doesn't trust anyone about shoes, laptops, etc. They insist on going through the pre check line like it's a general line. TSA folks seem to really like that type of traveler and don't get annoyed at all.
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  16. This is exactly why we need hand sign registration in Texas...
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