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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. So....kfc sporting clays competition at Alpine after the lunch at Fred’s?
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  2. Great tip for improved accuracy on birds coming out of the high house: Pretend it's an end zone corner fade and you are the 5'3" wideout.
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  3. There, or Fort Worth Trap & Skeet on I-20. Probably only 15 minutes from Fred's. Pretty basic.
  4. Nope. We are having adult beverages at Fred's so not shooting afterwards.

    Separate day please.
  5. [​IMG]
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  7. +1
    Learn to shoot well and an O/Uis all you need
    I prefer the Winchester 101
    Had a matched set 20 and 12 before my sons got them
    They make a lightweight version that looks very much the same as the pigeon grade but it’s lighter to carry than the regular weight gun
    You may have to look around to find a good 101 but it’s worth the effort
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  8. Field trialed Brits for years, then went for German Wirehairs. Best gun dogs I've ever worked, and wonderful, calm companions.
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  9. #UrbanDictionaryterm
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  10. Welsh springers are awesome gun dogs. And great with kids.
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  11. Was at a charity shoot a couple weeks ago and everyone shooting the Browning A5 loved them, included our best shooter. I shot a few rounds with it and thought it was nice.
  12. I actually think there is. Benelli put some pretty solid engineering into it. They redesigned the breach to control recoil via the spring loaded locking plate and they added recoil buffers to the stock. It feels like shooting a 20 gauge o/u to me.

    After a round of trap you'd see a huge difference between a silver pigeon and an 828u in my humble opinion.

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  13. Dang that's cute. Nowhere even close to being in the plan/budget, but I may just have to look into that. Any retailers/ranges around FW that have a demo?
  14. Maniac, the guy I worked with has an engraved Beretta DU Edition auto with a wooden stock. Pretty gun. PM me and I’ll text you some pics. Yes, he is selling it.
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  15. Thanks
  16. Get the over/under shotgun...period. Trust me when I say you'll be a better shooter.
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  17. Back to the question of field or clays, or both?

    Yes, you will see Browning A5 at charity shoots. You won't see 1 at the big NSCA Regionals, US Open, or the US Nationals. At the 3 big yearly shoots, OU over autos by 10-1. Out of the top 20 US pros, no autos. Field, gas operated auto, clays, OU. Bird hunting and charity shoots, Beretta A400 Upland.
  18. You hunt children?
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  19. [​IMG]
  20. 20ga Matador, SxS- go!

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