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OT - Open Restaurants and Bars in FTW and mid-cities

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, May 22, 2020.

  1. Support the local Frog business of 38 and Vine wine bar off Carroll Street near the Target. Owner Sam and Jennifer Demel are great people and have a great place.
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  2. I am trying to pick a place to meet friends next week, so are we talking about Mi Cocula?
  3. yes sir that is the name
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  4. Awesome, gracias.
  5. Very cool, hadn’t even thought of a brewery, thanks!
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  6. Steel has been to any number of restaurants over the last couple of weeks, aren’t they all open? HEims is it is certainly open
  7. Anyone who has been wetting themselves and for hiding under the bed the last few months has a freaking moron. Steel did not miss a day of work in the office
  8. I had a freaking moron long before covid.
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  9. Drove by Woodshed a few minutes ago. Whole place was packed. Probably 25 people in line waiting to get in. There is no way they were adhering to any social distancing dumbass rules.
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  10. Dutch’s is open and it was excellent last Sunday. Rarely venture up to Grapevine unless I have to for work. I used to use 360 as my “eastern boundary” but more and more it’s becoming 35W.

    All but one of the Granbury restaurants are open. Paradise is not gonna make it. Currently sitting in the Silver Saddle Saloon listening to some covers of Hank, Willie, George and the like.
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    North of DFW Airport area, Hard Eight in Coppell is open with a patio & a good place to meet out of town visitors.

    Also open is Weinbergers Deli in Grapevine & has out doors seating.
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  12. The Post at River East opens back up on Monday.
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  13. Not surprised. People are going to feel safest outdoors At this point. All the places with big outdoor spaces will do well early I think.
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  14. Yep
  15. The Silver Saddle has a sign saying max occupancy is 95. I count 75ish in here just from what I can see. One mask and kid looks to be high school age. Been nice knowing some of y’all.
  16. Flying Fish has a patio? Been going there ten years and haven't seen it.
  17. I moved up to OKC for a while and had no idea that Mico Rodriguez had lost control of his Mi Cocina empire until I read something online a few months ago. Such a shame. He spoke to one of our EMBA lunches in 2003-4 and seemed like he had it together.
  18. Same here really but they’re staying in Flower Mound. Got lucky though with this weather that didn’t come tonight allowing us to meet in Fort Worth tomorrow and save me from driving through that mid-cities mess.
  19. It’s just outside the entrance. As I recall they are picnic tables or something similar. You walk past them as you enter.
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  20. Mesero is his new restaurant.
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