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OT - Open Restaurants and Bars in FTW and mid-cities

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, May 22, 2020.

  1. Baby Dolls is open tonight. Did not close.
  2. Open tonight.
  3. Pervert!
    Still $10 cover?
  4. You literally walk through it to get into the building.
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  5. When are you two just gonna have sex already, then eat some pot roast?
  6. I like my pot roast during the sex, sir.
  7. Took a customer to lunch at 54th St Grill in Grapevine/Euless earlier this week. Been there a couple of times... decent food. Inside tables seemed to be 25' apart, so you're safe. That's all I've got on mid-cities stuff.
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  8. You two...

  9. Yeah it’s the one that you walk through with the picnic benches on each side before you walk in the door
  10. Railhead on Montgomery had that feel of being 25' apart last week. BBQ was good (and I think they were VERY generous with their scales because I got a huge amount of food) but the distancing was actually a bit distracting because it was an over-the-top reminder that you should be in fear for your life. Took some of the luster off the experience.
  11. Well, I've eaten in that room many a time, but would have enjoyed it more if I had known it was a patio! Ive always found food tasted better in a patio than in a dining room.
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  12. He hasn’t been part of that group for years. The main owner was the National GOP finance chair for several years.
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    To make sure we are on the same page. As soon as you step under the roof line, there is picnic tables of both sides and it is outdoors. As soon as you open the door, you are in the room with about 6-8 tables and the bathrooms are down the hall. The next room you step into is the main room and where you order.
  14. Gosh, thanks Babyface, I wouldn't have known that if you hadn't told me. Today's full of good surprises! Ive sat in there with it 30 degrees outside and sleeting, and in the midst of pouring rain, and never knew I was outdoors.
  15. Ok, buddy. Didn’t know where you were coming from when you originally didn’t remember a patio at Flying Fish.
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  16. It is somewhat confusing indeed.. Mi Cocina by Central Market is part of a chain but is pretty good none-the-less.. Mi Cocula is at 6550 Camp Bowie across side street from Taco Cabana.. It's our favorite mexican food with Benito's on Magnolia right up there..
  17. Thanks. I’ve been to each of these but was most interested in whether Mi Cocula survived because we like it too.

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