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OT - Open Restaurants and Bars in FTW and mid-cities

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, May 22, 2020.

  1. Anyone know how to get a good idea on which places have opened back up?....particularly in Grapevine and that area but here in FTW as well.

    Have a friend coming in this weekend and they are only able to meet up there and I only know of about 3 places, none of which I’m really feeling.

    I found an article that listed a bunch of openings but it’s about 3 weeks old so I don’t trust it too much. If anyone has any links to things open or knows of anything open, particularly with a patio, I’d appreciate the suggestions. Thanks!
  2. Rogers Roundhouse is open
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  3. So does the food. If you’re looking for a good ass sucking, Tim Love would be happy to provide it for you at any of his locations.
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  4. It goes with the food.....
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  5. Took the family up there right before the Pandemic hit and it got to the point I had to flag down another server to get the check. Took about 90 minutes to eat dinner from when we were seated. Took about 30 just to get drinks and order. I would have walked out but it’s hard with the kids to pick up and go.
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  6. Always has since day 1...along with the food.
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  7. Woodshed is a good place to drink. Maybe a Love Burger occasionally. That’s about it.
  8. I work within walking distance of Woodshed, and never even contemplate it as a food option if I'm ever trying to make lunch plans with someone.
  9. Best patio for drinking beer on a nice day in Fort Worth.
  10. Which is worse, getting taken to the woodshed or getting taken to the Woodshed?
  11. yea, I go in there for a beer when I’m biking on the river trails. The bar and the patio bar by the river are great spots. I really think of it more as a bar than a restaurant.
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  12. I prefer yours. When you’re at Woodshed, of course.
  13. Nah. It’s closed.

    edit: someone else told me.
  14. Most Mexican restaurants are open. Go to Flying Fish on Montgomery and eat crawfish and drink beer on the patio this weekend.

    Boomer Jacks is open. Social House and Concrete Cowboy also are open.
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  15. Family just had our first dine-in mexican food at Mi Cocina on Camp Bowie (it just opened for seating today).. Daughter was visiting from Washington DC and had to get a fix before going back.. Awesome food at good prices and no atmosphere which is just fine by me .. First time I took them all there they wanted to walk out as soon as we walked in, now I can't keep them away..
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    Are you referring to Mi Cucina off Camp Bowie or Mi Cocina by Central Market? If the former I was wondering if they were still in business.
    Edit: and to make it more confusing there’s a La Cocina off Camp Bowie W near Las Vegas (never been there)
  17. Cowtown Brewery! Great Food, Great Beer! They are open! Owned by former Frog baseball player Darrin Roberts. Support local support Frogs!
  18. Glad they made it as wife and I love this place!!!!

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