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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. BS!!
  2. Lighten up Frances, I was joking around. I don't have major issues with folks that have different ideologies, I however am not crazy about them taking over, raising my taxes and letting the homeless crap in the streets. Just my particular thinking, Go Frogs.
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  3. If you go back and reread my post, I said "You can..."
    I did not say "I can"
    I did not double down or claim to love or hate anything. I simply said it was possible. I am not sure if you are really angry or just playing a game. Either way, I am okay with it.
    You can love killerfrogs.com but not love some of the people who post here. That is possible.
    You are a good frog fan and I did not intend to set you off. As I said, I was mostly just having fun and disproving your absolute statement that was incorrect.
  4. FIFY
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  5. "Hell is other people."
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  6. That and, "see there, this is why I hate people" are two I hear from a fellow frog all the time.
  7. The homeless camping ordinance in Austin has folks worried in other cities now. Hoping it does not get as bad as Portland.
  8. Yeah, it's a complicated issue. Letting the homeless camp out and then walk around the city busting car windows for valuables is not the ideal one IMO.
  9. It's not the taxes so much as the ridiculous appraisals the county comes up with.
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  10. Geezer is somewhat right.. There are a few types of folks in the luxury homes in Fort Worth as well as probably anywhere else:
    - lucky sperm club members and
    -those that earn large sums and
    -those that save and invest quite well and usually conservatively

    Actually, many/perhaps most of those I've been exposed to possess two or all three of the above characteristics..

    There is an even bigger grouping not mentioned- those that once lived in luxury homes (as kids or as aspiring adults) who no longer do and now live in varying degrees of dwellings.. Having worked in the auction business for several decades, I saw this happen too often- more often than not to those who earned quite large incomes but didn't save - anything..
  11. Mortgage rates are really low so why doesn’t everyone give me a call and let’s find you all a new place to live.

    Who’s next?
  12. House next door in Alexandria, VA (close-in DC suburb) in a nice neighborhood sold 3 years a ago for $1.1Mil (unfinished basement, 1930's house, old stand-alone garage, and with a '00s renovation.) Now that Amazon HQ2 is coming within 10 minutes...they could get $1.5 or better. Blows my mind.

    I'm just doing nothing I don't need the cash- the taxes blow though. No tears for me!
  13. Most people aspire to achieve a certain level of success in life. Some have been fortunate enough to

    acquire that echelon through an inheritance. Others have succeed as the result of hard work mixed

    with a smidgen of good fortune. Whatever your attainment of success embrace and enjoy your

    accomplishment and count your blessings.
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