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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. “We’ve got a pool and a pond...the pond would probably be better for you.”
    Great line from Caddyshack.
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  2. Yeah, dual income families with college degrees can make a lot of money.

    My wife doesn’t work. If she did and she made as much as I do, we could “afford” an $800,000 home.

    However, I probably make more money because she handles all of the domestic responsibilities allowing me to focus on my career.
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  3. I drive all over the metroplex. It’s amazing how many million dollar homes are around here.

    I think most belong to dual income professionals and/or coastal transplants.
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  4. We make our money from selling our +4s on stubhub, and look with pity at the huddled masses sweating in the sun as we sip our [ the old ricardo ]tails in the air conditioning overlooking our spacious empty seats in the lower west side bowl. Sometimes we say “someone should do something about that.” Then we order another round.
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  5. Doctors, lawyers and business owners make up a large chunk of the huge house owner populous.
  6. In my place for 32 years. It’s a home not a house.
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  7. Walsh Ranch
  8. Yep - my wife quit when our kid was born. If she hadn’t we could have afforded in that range
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  9. Yeah and I'm ready for them to all leave now.
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  10. Very close to me. I'm in RBC.
  11. Please don’t send them anywhere near FW.
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  12. Don't worry. I'll tell them Fort Worth sucks and then proceed to retire in Tarrant County away from this hippy trash.
  13. Is your name Hemoglobin?
  14. Quit driving around my neighborhood.
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  15. That sounds like the house I had in San Diego.
  16. We were lucky enough to get into a 2100 sq ft house with guest house, in one of the (now) hottest neighborhoods in FW for $115k back in 2002. No way we could afford a house here now. We have decided this is our "forever home".
  17. I thought a McMansion was a double wide on a lot covered with happy meal boxes and empty keystone cans
  18. How are the taxes?
  19. Probably terrible. We’re in a position to upgrade but I can’t bring myself to write a tax check every year for more than the $15k we’re paying now.
  20. He was discharged from the Army at the rank of Corpuscle.
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