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OT - Great movie lines/scenes

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Limp Lizard, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. I actually went and looked to see if the Coens had anything to do with The Man With One Red Shoe...
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  2. Ha! One of my childhood favorites!
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  3. Carrie was somethin’ somethin’ in that
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  4. Warriors come out to play!!!!!!

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  5. “ “ Silent Bob
  6. Truly a classic.
  7. I hadn't seen this one - thanks, I will now. "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou" wasn't he in this one? Also a classic as one of the Soggy Bottom Boys.
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  8. I used to have a commercial free Tombstone recording on my DVR and would watch it fairly often. We upgraded a while year or so ago and I lost my DVR recordings. Showtime had a free wknd and I got it back. I have it on DVD, but I really like the convenience of having it on DVR with no commercials. Its an all time top 10 movie for me.
  9. "Sully, you remember when i told you I was gonna kill you last? I lied."
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  10. Saw Crossfire Trail when they played the movie on TV. Bought the dvd when it came out. Great western. Tom Selleck is a great horseman and the scenery is a trail riders dream.
    Can't find the clip, but the first gun fight in the movie (in town) is classic. Great rifle scene.


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