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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. Been taking my son fishing a lot lately. Not a lot of luck though... Any tips or places to check out?
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    She seems to know where the fish are.

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  3. Where do you live?
    There’s a pond at Love Street Park in Weatherford. I take my kids there because it’s impossible not to catch a tiny perch or 20. Use crappie bites/power bait and they hit it within seconds. Catch & release. If I want to sit around and strike out for 3 hours I go to one of the bigger lakes around, but the kids don’t care how big the fish are.
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  4. Worms. My 4 year old hunts earth worms in the yard for 15 minutes before we leave. Then he dominates sun fish and small bass like a fishing show on his Spiderman rod/reel.
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  5. Get a local guide.

    You will wear them out.
  6. Find a pond stocked with some form of Sunfish (perch, crappie, brim, etc)

    You would be surprised how many park ponds are full of perch, etc

    At that point it’s almost irrelevant what you use but night crawlers work great if you want to save money and dig for it or something like Berkeley Gulp Minnows if you want to buy it
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  7. French Lake in Candleridge, southwest FW. Been fishing/hunting (no hunting now) there since it was a stock tank. Just off Hulen/Kingswood south of Altamesa.
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  8. What are you fishing for? Where are you fishing? What type of water, fresh or salt? What set up you have? What times you fishing?
  9. Yep. There's no doubt she can work a rod.
  10. Contact TCU owned & operated RedRum Sportfishing in Cabo San Lucas when he gets of age and take him for a special trip
  11. When I lived in South there was always good crappy fishing under the bridge at Joe Pool.

    Now, I take NM24 to Dunken, NM. Just before it intersects US82, there is a place to pull over and fish in the upper Rio Penasco under the overpass. 20"+ trout are there for the taking.
  12. Boom! I’ll throw my humble brag out. We caught 4 skip jack and a mahi mahi with the awesome Tantrum crew from RedRum. The credit goes to a few posters like Ron and Riggs referring us to use the charter.

    As far as fishing locally.... I’m not much help because I’m in another state and I can do a lot of things to fill up a cooler that are illegal in Texas. If you are feeling like an outlaw then run yourself a dozen yo-yo’s at night, check them in the morning, re-bait, and then pole fish in the pocket that you hung your yo-yo’s in until late that night (re-bait each time you retrieve a fish from a yo-yo).

    *Just to reiterate - yo-yo reels are illegal in Texas. I was just giving an example.
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  13. Fishing for anything at this point... Been trying to focus on bass, no particular species. We're using two spinner and two spincast reals on 6' and 7' poles, nothing fancy. And we have been trying out lures and minnows.

    On our second outing to eagle mountain lake, we caught a buffalo, long eared sunfish, and a sand bass. Pretty good time. The first and sequential trips have not been so lucky. Lost a lure to a tree and most of the minnows to sneaky turtles....
  14. Gotta love a tenacious woman with good rod control. She gets brownie points for not minding to play with wet things. That video gets my seal of approval.
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  15. FTW out by eagle mountain lake. Been trying to do mostly shore fishing, need to find someone with a boat or just shell out some dough for a little jon boat.
  16. Some one mentioned a guide. Good advice to start.

    Hire a guide, watch what they do, where they take you, watch the shore lines where they stop, what type of equipment they use, type of line, type of rig, etc. Ask questions, you’re paying them. Good guides will answer because they know you’ll be a return customer as long as he puts you on fish.

    Lot of factors go into where to drop a line. Cloud cover, blue skies, time of day, season, wind, rain, water depth, underwater structure, type of fish you’re after, etc.

    Water color can typically tell you what colors to throw.

    Lunar calendars help in bite times. Some people think this is foolish, but there’s plenty of data to support it, imo. Some GPS watches(Garmin) offer this standard info.

    But sometimes you get on fish and they’ll eat anything you throw. Sometimes you couldn’t feed them anything. That’s fishing.

    Bass fishing go to’s: Texas rig, classic worms(artificial) or Yamamoto Senko’s.
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  17. If you want to catch a ton of fish in a short amount of time, sand bass on Richland-Chambers is a good way to go. It's about 90 minutes from FW down 287 to the north side of the lake. You can limit (last time I checked it was 20) in a couple hours of fishing. Really fun for kids too, since the fish will get to schooling and churn up the surface when they do. Catch with crank baits or spinners- RatLTrap is always a good lure for them. Pretty consistent there all summer long. Get a guide for half a day if you don't have access to a boat. If you do have a boat, take your binoculars and you can spot the birds working the schools before they break the surface and chase them to where the fish will be breaking. Easy catching, great for kids. Good eating, too.
  18. Darned if she isn't just plumb giddy about seeing a big red snapper.
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  19. Catfishing is easiest from the bank, bass not so much. For bass, the water will have to get relatively deep in a short distance with some underwater cover (submerged tree, rocks, bulky debris, tall grasses, etc) for them to hang out around. Toss plastic worms on a Texas rig, let them fall around the cover, jig it a bit. You'll be doing a lot of casting and reeling. For catfish, find a point at the shoreline and cast it out as far as you can. I use chicken livers for bait, but it's a tad tricky to keep in on the hook. Using circle hooks (size 5/0 should work), put the liver on the hook (in the bend of the hook, no need to hide the barb) and use elastic thread to keep it on the hook. You can get the thread from Walmart in the fabrics section. All you do is start at the eye end of the hook and start wrapping it tightly around the liver and the hook, holding them together. When you've wrapped it enough to keep the liver on the hook, just pull the thread until it breaks off. No need to tie it, it will hold. Use a slip rig with about a 1.5 oz sinker so you can sling it out there. Reel until the line is tight, then wait. Best to have rod holders. Use 2 or 3 rods at the same time. Don't be surprised if you catch carp once in a while. You can use those for cut bait if you want, that will stay on the hook better than chicken livers, but I still prefer the livers. Messy but effective.

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