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OT: Degree, Graduation, Current Job

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Marketing Major and RTVF minor in ‘03. Wish I would’ve switched them as I hated marketing and loved my RTVF classes.

    Work in Set Decoration in the Film Industry.
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  2. Mathematics - Actuarial Concentration
    Baseball Analyst
  3. What's your WAR?
  4. Unfortunately it's non existent that's why I'm analyzing baseball and not playing it.
  5. There should be some way to measure your absence.
  6. BBA Marketing
    IT management
    Strongly considering a change to data analytics

    I feed my marketing and entrepreneurial Jones by helping my wife run her real estate business (so if you want to invest in Minnesota residential, lmk)
  7. Marketing

    I write music for HUDL
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    BS Biology
    Commander USN (Retired) Naval Aviator
    Commercial Airline pilot
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  9. B. Music Ed 1972
    M. LIberal Arts 1992
    Nurse Anesthetist, Colonel USAFR, retired
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  10. Political Science
    Global Trade Compliance (Imports/ Exports)
  11. The details of my life of quite inconsequential...
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  12. Economics/Political Science
    Small business owner in SW Austin.
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  13. ‘82 Finance
    Dir. of Finance Motorola & Nokia
    Retired 1/2016.
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  14. TCU BBA '68, Management
    UT MBA '71, Finance
    Spent a few years in public accounting and banking, then left for South and Central America working in finance/administration/internal audit for an NGO. Currently retiring/transitioning into CFO position for not-for-profit publisher.
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  15. Biology
  16. 2006 Engineering
    Nuclear Shift Operations Manager
  17. Summers in Rangoon...
  18. My father had a penchant for buggary.
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  19. BBA Entrepreneurial Mgmt
    Fed IT PM

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