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OT: Degree, Graduation, Current Job

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Great soil for grapes in Dubai
  2. I once saw what I later processed as a Mylar weather balloon wizz past the canopy. Wasn’t sure at the time what it was just knew I almost hit it. One of those where you key the radio to report but went uh never mind.
    Never saw any wierdness like the tic tacs. I’m sure they saw something but I haven’t run across anything like that. At least that’s what I was told to say.....
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  3. This guys knocking at your door are MIB.....
    You’ll be fine, just look at the flashy thing.
  4. Thats pretty much what one guy said that didn’t want to be interviewed...
  5. while back.....
    something i only did for a few years......
    this and that.....
  6. 1995
    Broadcast Journalism
    Small business(s) owner & land developer in Hays County
  7. Accounting
    Manager - Exchange Operations. CBOE (Chicago Board Option Exchange).
  8. BFA RTvF '87
    Property management, Gentleman Rancher, Curmudgeon. Occasionally, Brewer, distiller, taster.
  9. lol. You'd be surprised, the Emirate's have expensive tastes...

    Worked in the middle east for almost a year after college, and made this username as a way to keep up with the frogs with the 9 hour time zone difference. This was pre-streaming era so the only way to keep up with the frogs was from this board. Got transferred to Oklahoma in 2011 and haven't left, too lazy to make a new name at this point.
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  10. Political Science: International Relations emphasis (it's a thing)
    College admissions officer turned College Counselor
  11. Physical Education
    Global Logistics for a Tech Company
  12. Government major/History minor/1966
    Colonel, USAF (retired)
    Phan Rang AB, 68-69
  13. 2007 Supply Chain Mgmt
    Logistics Procurement Leader
  14. Graphic Design
    Creative Director
  15. You left out ShuttleCraft Hanger owner/operator
  16. Phan Rang? I’d buy a few rounds to hear those stories....
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  17. '92-'96, '98, '00, walked the stage '02
    English Lit./Criminal Justice
    Police officer at TCU for 8 years
    Vet Tech for one year
    Teacher/Coach in Plano 3 years
    Teacher/Coach in San Antonio 10 years
  18. Been there (not Dubai) but done that.
    Winter ‘99 I was GermanFrog doing some non-traditional work with a JTF in B-H, remember “watching” one of LT’s record breaking games on the Don Dowell forum, far from home.
    Daze gone by....
  19. 2005 Criminal Justice and Communications (double major)
    Attorney in Austin (oil and gas and real estate)
    Would love to make a career change
  20. Ends up my hazy memory was right on this one tho I had to look it up

    Audentes Fortuna Juvat
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