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OT: Degree, Graduation, Current Job

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Jul 3, 2019.

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    BBA Business Administration-Management 1975
    Business Owner-Wholesale Company
    Professional TCU Sports Watcher
  2. A-B-C
  3. Retired as a Builder/Developer in 2006, Still retain ownership in various commercial income producing properties,

    principally in Houston's 'Energy Corridor'.
  4. Attended mid-80’s
    Business Major
  5. BBA Managemenr/Finance
    Residential Mortgage Loan Officer and part-time football official
  6. Accounting bachelor and Masters
    Energy Banking
  7. History 1968
    LTC Army (Retired)
    PGA Golf Professional (Retired)
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. BFA Communications 81
    Masters, Personnel Management, Wilmington College ‘95
    Captain, USAF (Retired)
    Recalled outta retirement by major defense company
  10. Finance
    Clothing designer
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  11. Degree was BA. Current activity: sleeping, enjoying retirement.
  12. Political Science
  13. TCU Biology B.S. '91
    Veterinary degree from midwest land grant school
    Sold practice to corporate outfit two years ago
    Wife is CEO
    Daughter enrolled at TCU, Dean's scholar
    second younger daughter loves TCU
    Destin and Banff vacays
    Vanilla life, no complaints.
  14. Communications (RTVF)
    Financial Forecasting

    (MBA 2013 U of Dallas)
  15. BBA finance 1973.
    Banking 1973-1989.
    Real estate broker since 1989.
    Plan to work until 70 (Feb 2021).
  16. Guy works for me graduated BYU with a degree in entertainment and leisure. I swear.
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  17. Given the limited options there for BYU students, It might have been fairly difficult.
  18. does he work on Sundays?
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  19. TCU BA English 1976
    Numerous hats/jobs since then
    Publishing, editing, writing, training, IT support
    Working at NASA last 15+ years, Finance, Procurement, IT
  20. BS Biology
    Surgical Sales, would like to do more RE investing

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