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OT-Curious about TCU Inventions

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcufrogprince1, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. Wasn't the guy who created the Lemon Chill a TCU alum?
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  2. I wouldn't mind more TCU alumni making new creations and innovations to become billionaires. And with that billions support my favorite football team.

    TCU needs a T. Boone Pickens
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  3. TCU alum Ray Trinidad, a 1962 biology graduate, created Funyuns.
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  4. Gosh darn American hero.
  5. I've heard about "gig em" but not "hook em". Story?
  6. And dont forget about the lie detector....

  7. Basically the same...introduced at a pep rally against TCU.
  8. TCU alum and I’ve got a couple of patents regarding the control and indication of helicopter electrical power system status to the pilot. (Got a plaque and everything.)

    Non event for those non aviation folks I know....
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  9. A few coeds invented excuses not to go out with me
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  10. We invented gig’em.
  11. My lovely and talented wife helped invent the rolling-off-the-nose shot while playing quarters in the Pub...
  12. It’s an over use syndrome and oddly enough, once it has settled down and has become chronic, the best treatment is extremely high repetitions of specific movement with no to very light weight. I won’t bore you with the details. Look them up for yourself.
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  13. Some sort've floating cooler for the ocean or any other body of water with waves. Would have some sort've central gyroscope (similar to the ones cameras have) to keep the cooler stabilized. SIAI (sorry if already invented)
  14. Long time lurker, first time poster here. I recently patented a process that will allow manufacturers and consumers the ability to replicate any product capable of being manufactured via 3D printing, CNC milling, or any other form of additive and subtractive manufacturing by integrating the 3D design specs into a bar code, QR Code, logo, or anything that could be scanned on the product. That includes shoes, car parts, aerospace parts, medical devices, etc... I’m trying to get funding in order to commercialize and license the process for use. I’m very thankful to have had the support I did during my time at TCU, and if the idea takes off, TCU will be at the very top of the list of who I give back to. Go Frogs! http://patft1.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph...50&s1=9436925.PN.&OS=PN/9436925&RS=PN/9436925
  15. That is actually really cool.
  16. Thank you! The idea originally came from breaking the wrist on a prosthetic arm while mountain biking, and the cost that the insurance company wanted to charge in order to fix the wrist. If $5k was too much for me to spend to fix the wrist, let alone $165k for the entire arm, then how would a Veteran waiting on the VA for approval, or a child growing up in poverty feel if they couldn’t have access to what the needed due to the lack of financial resources. I went to my father in law who was able to weld 2 pipes that cost less than $5 in material costs, and it worked well enough to use until I ended up getting amazing insurance. If I could end up with a $5 solution, and if there’s nothing proprietary about the design of an arm or a leg, then why couldn’t I provide others with similar solutions for a fraction of the cost. I thought the only way I could make it feasible would be to create a method to mass produce standard or customized parts on the fly, and to give manufacturers or consumers who rely on 3D Printing or CNC Milling a financially and commercially scalable solution. I’m hopeful to get funding for the proof of concept to pitch to investors, since that is literally the only thing holding me back right now. It has been bootstrapped so far, and I had to put it on the back burner last year after my youngest son was stuck in the PICU fighting for his life. I work with entrepreneurs for a living and really enjoy what I do, but I’m also hopeful this can come to fruition because I feel like the concept could have a positive impact for many lives, and could potentially save many lives as well. I also have ideas that could potentially be used as a recruiting tool for TCU athletics. If you or anyone else would like to know more feel free to DM me. I’m also open to suggestions regarding funding or commercializing as well.

    If anyone is interested in pursuing and protecting ideas or inventions they have, my advice is to do it! Think of the reasons why it won’t work first, then consider why it will work, and if the reasons behind why it will work outweigh why it won’t, build a number of business cases, work with a good IP attorney, and give it a shot! I don’t have a formal background in Engineering or IT, and I’m typically the dumbest guy in the room, so if I can get a patent approved based on an idea, anyone can. Sorry for hijacking the thread, I just thought it was a neat OT conversation, and I had no clue that TCU grads were involved with many of the inventions already mentioned. Thanks again and Go Frogs!
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  17. I’m in for $100. I am poor.
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  18. Hey, that’s $100 more than the idea has made up until this point!
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