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OT-Curious about TCU Inventions

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by tcufrogprince1, Aug 7, 2018.

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    Only a couple more days till Football starts. Thought I would share. Inventions spark the interest of almost everyone. We all love the next gimmick or technological breakthrough. Hell, I work for an engineering and product development firm. (https://www.imaginationeering.com/) I mainly handle business development with oil and gas related companies, but every invention idea that comes through our doors excites me. This led me to be curious about what innovations TCU, its Alumni and students were responsible for. I found a few that I figured I would share.

    New ways to enrich animals at the ZOO

    Forensic Invention by students

    Didnt even know this program existed

    Saving Premature Babies

    NCAA invented the Term Student Athlete - Heres why
    Not Really an Invention, but an interesting article with TCU refrences.

    Alchemy Pops
  2. Not to brag but as a graduate of the Harvard School of Chinodontia, I developed a chinodontic appliance that corrects chin displasia, especially in profound cases such as Jay Leno’ s chin. Had he come to me earlier , he would have been able to live a more normal life
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I thought Wes invented non-slip glasses.
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Well that and boneless chickens
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  7. We also are responsible for the "hook em horns" and "gig em" hand gestures.
  8. I invented a tennis training device called the Tennis Xcelerator. Got two patents on it, and was able to sell them pretty much all over the world. Just not enough of them to make it commercially viable. It was fun while it lasted. www.tennis-xcelerator.com
  9. Was it a TCU guy that invented the famed pen island website?
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  10. Not falling for that again.
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  11. The professor on Gilligan's island had a degree from TCU, and didn't he come up with all sorts of ideas and inventions while stranded?
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  12. I really like The Invention at Great Outdoors. Ham, cream cheese and mushrooms sounds weird, but it’s really good.
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  13. You know, for kids.

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  14. I
    This is pretty cool. Now if only someone could invent something to get rid of my tennis elbow, I might actually use it. Funny part is I think I did the most damage playing racket ball at the Rec center during college. I miss playing.
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  15. I'll count it.
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  16. [​IMG]
    Yes, he could build this, but he couldn't repair a hole in their boat.
  17. Our invention team gets some really cool stuff and some really repetitive stuff. There is always a new cup and now its the new phone case/holder. The best part is listening to all of these people who think their idea is amazing and they think it will make them millions, but they dont even have a dollar to their name. I like the R&D stuff from the bigger companies better, but every once in a while you get some really cool gadgets. We are about to do some youtube ads with worst invention ideas ever. Anyone want to give me some ideas? We are already doing a spoof on the hair spray hair and phone finger condoms.
  18. you are viewing this the wrong way doc. isn't a matter of couldn't, but wouldn't.

    the inventions were merely to give the impression of trying to get off the island while the real endgame was nailing ginger and mary anne. where would a guy like the professor find the odds stacked in his favor like on that island.
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  19. Cream cheese with chives works good on roast beef and an onion roll at Carshons.
  20. I invented some novel disinfectants and surfactants for use in contact lens solutions when I worked for Alcon.

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