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OT: Best of Fort Worth

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Peacefrog, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. I'll play from memory:

    Hole in the wall Mexican restaurant - not a hole but always liked Benitos.
    Kid friendly restaurant - Chucky
    Live music venue - White Elephant
    Water park - Eagle Mtn Lake
    Playground for kids - South Freeway
    Thai food restaurant - Thai Sticks are Thailands only redeeming product.
    Southern food restaurant - Damian's in Arlington
    Gym - Fieldhouse
    Beer bar - Angelos or White Elephant
    Craft [ the old ricardo ]tail bar - Mustang Park and a bottle of Bushmills
    Cheap golf course - Seminary
    Date night restaurant - Room service at the Worthington
    Fun place for kids - Frog Alley
    Movie theater - none
    Grocery store - King's Liquor
    Dentist - none
    Wings - Gus's
    Pizza - Blaze
    Breakfast restaurant - Paris or West Side Cafe
    Sandwich shop - Carshons
    Tittie bar - Baby Doll's on 157
  2. Not sure where it fits in the list, maybe sandwich, but Swiss Pastry Shop is putting out some quality food.
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  3. Huh, that's right on the edge for me...I love Arlington but I'm not real familiar with anything that's south of 303 and east of about Matlock. As for Arlington "cuisine," now that Cacharel closed, I'm not sure they have any good original spots left. Tai Pan and Khaki's down on Green Oaks were great BITD, but they're long gone. Same with Capt. Billy's on Park Row. Mama's on Fielder is still good, I guess. Al's maybe. Man, that's depressing. Arlington needs some new food options.
  4. Arlington is still solid. Nizza Pizza, Gyro House, Dino's, etc. There are newer places too. Sushi Cafe off Cooper is stellar.
  5. Answers in bold
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    It doesn't fit in any category, but J&Js is always a must stop for me when I am in town.

    Can also add the Celebrity Room at the Stockyards Hotel for Date Night. And, I like the bar and restaurant there when it is not date night.

    And, finally, where does the Good Luck Drive-In fit in? Yum!
  7. I would argue the view is worth every penny.
  8. Best Barber is hands down Aaron's on 7th.

    Not that this is a great judge of the place... but I've seen Victor Boschini in there... upload_2017-7-20_19-36-41.png

    I ask for Kyle every time... and he can do a killer fade. -Not shown in the above photo-
  9. Dammit Boy. Do you know what the NRH in NRH20 stands for? Not Fort Worth, that's what!
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  10. Best coffee shop? I swear I will donkey punch anyone that says Starbucks.
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  11. Paris Coffee Shop, with Montgomery Street Cafe a close second.
  12. If Whataburger coffee isn't good enough for you then you should probably rethink things. Until then, try Cafe Brazil.
  13. Whata burger has decent inexpensive coffee. Starbucks has expensive shippy coffee.
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  14. Hole in the wall Mexican restaurant - Asadero
    Kid friendly restaurant - Press cafe
    Live music venue - Woodshed
    Water park - NRH20
    Playground for kids - Trinity Park
    Thai food restaurant -Thailicious
    Southern food restaurant - Buttons
    Gym - FW Club
    Beer bar - Flying Saucer
    Craft [ the old ricardo ]tail bar - Usual
    Cheap golf course - Pecan Valley
    Date night restaurant - Ellerbe
    Fun place for kids - FW Zoo
    Movie theater - Movie Tavern on 7th
    Grocery store - Central Market and Trader Joes
    Dentist - Kostohryz
    Wings - Hooters
    Pizza - Campisis
    Breakfast restaurant - Yogis
    Sandwich shop - Potbelly
    Dive bar - Freds on Bluebonnet
  15. This sounded like Foghorn Leghorn voice in my mind.
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