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OT: Best of Fort Worth

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Peacefrog, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. For all you denizens of the Fort. What is the best:

    Hole in the wall Mexican restaurant
    Kid friendly restaurant
    Live music venue
    Water park
    Playground for kids
    Thai food restaurant
    Southern food restaurant
    Beer bar
    Craft [ the old ricardo ]tail bar
    Cheap golf course
    Date night restaurant
    Fun place for kids
    Movie theater
    Grocery store
    Pizza (hint: it's not fancy pizza I'm looking for here - fruit and/or green vegetables don't belong on pizza)
    Breakfast restaurant
    Sandwich shop
    Dive bar

    I am apprehensive of the responses I can expect to get here.
  2. Welcome (back) to FW, Peace. This should keep us busy til first kickoff...
  3. Chuck E. Cheese
  4. Flew in from a business trip this morning. Had to take the south entrance out of airport for the first time in probably 20 years. It felt right.
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  5. Homeless people have business trips? Who knew?
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  6. I was selling shopping carts in South Carolina.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Lucky bastage
  9. Not that great. By selling I mean I was stealing them from grocery stores and trading them for refrigerator boxes and dumpster meat.
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  10. Best hole in the wall mex, head east on Rosedale, just past Reyes Muffler take a left on Chicago, three doors down on the right. Knock on the door and ask for Rosas, tell her Scotty sent you.
  11. Thai food? Thai Rice and Noodle.
  12. You missed Strip Club
  13. Hole in the wall Mexican restaurant - Dos Molina's
    Kid friendly restaurant - Dos Molina's
    Live music venue - not sure
    Water park - NRH20
    Playground for kids - Bicentennial Park in Southlake. Or there is one off Inca near Shadyoaks Gold Course
    Thai food restaurant - Belknap Thai
    Southern food restaurant - Buttons
    Gym - TCU Rec
    Beer bar - Gingerman off Campbowie
    Craft [ the old ricardo ]tail bar - not sure, I make my own [ the old ricardo ]tails
    Cheap golf course - not sure
    Date night restaurant - H3 steak house or Reatta
    Fun place for kids - Central Market play ground
    Movie theater - West 7th Movie Tavern
    Grocery store - Whole Paycheck or Kroger
    Dentist - do tell, I'm looking
    Wings - Buffalo Bros
    Pizza (hint: it's not fancy pizza I'm looking for here - fruit and/or green vegetables don't belong on pizza) - Alba's in Lake Worth
    Breakfast restaurant - Paris Coffee shop
    Sandwich shop - Potbelly's by TCU
    Dive bar - The Great Notion
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  14. Pretty good picks.
  15. Hole-in-the-wall-Mexican place: La Abuela Regina
  16. I will give a few.

    Mi Charito Ray for hole in the wall Mex.

    Flying Saucer is still hard to beat for selection of beer.

    Buffalo Bros if you don't want a chain for wings. Kind of college dive bar mixed with sports bar with good wings and pizza.

    Grocery store - Central Market

    Movie Theatre - 7th Street Movie Tavern or Rave at Ridgmar Mall.

    Coyote Drive In off edge of downtown is a must for a double feature drive in movie experience.

    Pizza - Rocco's is wood fired and affordable. However, pretty much a takeout place. Cane Rosso is good but a bit pricey. It is also wood fired pizza.

    Cheap Golf - Rockwood. Going west of FTW; Whitestone, Lost Creek, and Crown Valley.

    NRH2O is the water park I like best.

    I still like the bar area of Michaels on 7th street for craft [ the old ricardo ]tails.

    Old South and Paris Coffee Shop for breakfast. Sunday brunch at Hunter Bros H3 Ranch in the stockyards is also good.
  17. Hole in the wall Mexican restaurant- Los Asaderos on Main.
    Live music venue- lola's (out back).
    Thai food restaurant - Spice on Magnolia.
    Southern food restaurant - Buttons
    Beer bar- Flying Saucer
    Craft [ the old ricardo ]tail bar - Bar Louie
    Date night restaurant - Winslow's wine bar.
    Movie theater - Ridgmar Mall (whatever its current name is)
    Grocery store- Central Market
    Dentist - Marie Holliday (downtown)
    Pizza - Mama's
    Breakfast restaurant - Paris Coffee Shop or Yogi's
    Sandwich shop- Dagwoods (before it closed)
    Dive bar - Red Goose
  18. Mexican restaurant: Uncle Julios

    Live music venue: Capital Bar (Ranch Series)

    Southern food restaurant: Drew's Place (Horne St)

    Gym: TCU Rec

    Beer bar: World of Beer

    Craft [ the old ricardo ]tail bar: Reatta

    Date night restaurant: Del Frisco's

    Grocery store: Central Market

    Wings: Hooters

    Pizza: Bosses (Lake Worth)

    Breakfast restaurant: Ol' South

    Sandwich shop: Carshon's Deli

    Dive bar: Fuel Bar and Grill
  19. No matter how many pizza joints I go to, I keep going back to Mamas on Berry.

    Had an alum friend who hadn't been in FW in 20 years come for a game. He almost ate the whole damn pizza.

    Split between Paris and Ol South on breakfast. I don't know, Ol South just seems dirty to me. Some upgrading is badly needed.
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  20. Ah, A Great Notion. Definitely one of the great dive bars in Fort Worth. For our first date, I took my wife out for Taco Heads and a drink at A Great Notion. Knew she was a keeper when she was willing to go out with me again after going there.

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