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OT: Best of Fort Worth

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Peacefrog, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. I'll play, but I gotta tell you, a lot of these sound like Dallas questions. Also, my answers will be more northern and eastern focused.

    Also, other stuff you should've asked:

    Race Street Barber Shop
    Big Daddy's Ship Store
  3. Burgers have been discussed ad nauseum. I don't have enough hair to worry about a barber. Good call on Italian. Missed that one.

    Craft [ the old ricardo ]tail is not Dallas. I may sit around drinking cheap whiskey and coke at home but no reason I can't look for the best old fashioned or manhattan.
  4. he best old fashion is called an un fashion at the Capital Grille.
  5. Hole in the wall Mexican restaurant
    Mi Cocinita, 3509 Bryan (southside)
    You walk down their driveway, the restaurant is in the carport.

    Italian Restaurant
    Cafe Bella, 3548 South Hills Ave.
    Ask for Sal

    Live music venue
    Bass Hall

    Southern food restaurant
    Ginger Browns, 6312 Lake Worth Blvd.
    Get the Cinnamon Roll

    The Rickel Center

    Pizza (hint: it's not fancy pizza I'm looking for here - fruit and/or green vegetables don't belong on pizza)
    Mama's Pizza, Berry St.
    Say thanks to Whitewolf

    Breakfast restaurant
    Paris Coffee Shop, 704 West Magnolia

    Sandwich shop
    Old Neighborhood Grill, 1633 Park Place Ave.
    Nouveau Greatness
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    Perhaps I misunderstood. What is the difference between a [ the old ricardo ]tail and a "craft" [ the old ricardo ]tail? Because I would argue a Manhattan is the former, while the latter has, like, elderberries and crystallized strands of Neil Patrick Harris' hair and ship like that.
  7. Sandwich/Burger place I always go to when in town from Atlanta is Fred's. Can't beat a good burger
  8. Got it. Maybe a better way to ask is: where do they know how to make a good [ the old ricardo ]tail best? I'm not ordering a manhattan at The Pub or the Poop Deck. Just looking for lots of whiskey options and someone that knows how to put the ingredients together in the right proportions.

    Edit: Thompson's Bookstore may be the answer. Or it might be really baker mayfield in there.
  9. Breakfast: either sunrise cafe off white settlement or Montgomery Street cafe. For breakfast tacos: Salsa Limon
    Sandwich: deli style: Carshon's, sub sandwich: great outdoors, other: Easthampton sandwich Co
    Pizza: Rocco's for takeout
    Movie theater: depends on where you are. 7th is good but not as big as Hulen Movie Tavern
    Dive bar: the Pub
    Live music: Capital bar (especially wednesdays during the summer)
    Beer bar: probably flying saucer, world of beer is pretty good too
    Mexican: if you want authentic: Tacos Ernestos is pretty good
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  10. Hole in the wall Mexican restaurant: El Paseo
    Kid friendly restaurant: Lucile's
    Live music venue: Magnolia Motor Lounge
    Water park: I don't do water parks
    Playground for kids: My daughter is 8 weeks old
    Thai food restaurant: Tie Thai
    Southern food restaurant: Buttons
    Gym: TCU
    Beer bar: The Local
    Craft [ the old ricardo ]tail bar: Thompson's
    Cheap golf course: Rockwood
    Date night restaurant: Eddie V's
    Fun place for kids: See playground response
    Movie theater: Movie Tavern
    Grocery store: Central Market
    Dentist: Fort Worth Dental Arts
    Wings: Buffalo Bros
    Pizza (hint: it's not fancy pizza I'm looking for here - fruit and/or green vegetables don't belong on pizza): Cane Rosso
    Breakfast restaurant: I typically don't eat breakfast, but Brewed for brunch
    Sandwich shop: Great Outdoors
    Dive bar: Conlon's
  11. Nice list! Unfortunately Virgie at Mi Cocinita is ill and probably won't open again....., she's trying for January..... hopefully she gets better and can open again!!

    Dos Molina's has the best refried beans and Hernandez on 23rd for Barbacoa and menudo.

    Would add Vickery Street for breakfast.
  12. I like the Maker's Mark manhattan at Michael's.
  13. Hole in the wall Mexican restaurant- Baja Cantina
    Kid friendly restaurant- Heim BBQ
    Live music venue- Panther Island Pavilion
    Water park- NRH20
    Playground for kids- Central Market
    Thai food restaurant- Sweet Basil
    Southern food restaurant- Dixie House
    Gym- what is a gym?
    Beer bar- World of Beer
    Craft [ the old ricardo ]tail bar- Thompsons
    Cheap golf course- Rockwood (just redone)
    Date night restaurant- Hard to beat Del Friscos
    Fun place for kids- Fort Worth Museum of Science and History/ Zoo
    Movie theater- Move Tavern
    Grocery store- Central Market/ Kroger
    Dentist- Alan Baker (Frog Alumni)
    Wings- Buffalo Bros
    Pizza (hint: it's not fancy pizza I'm looking for here - fruit and/or green vegetables don't belong on pizza)- Cane Rosso
    Breakfast restaurant- Dixie House
    Sandwich shop- Carshons
    Dive bar- Chimy's
  14. So, alumni can use TCU's gym facilities? Nice.
  15. Yep......but it ain't cheap.
  16. Here's my take. I live just south of Campus and work near Lake Worth. Have a 3 and a 5 year old.

    Hole in the wall Mexican restaurant = Cancun off Hwy 80 West, El Ranchito off White Settlement Rd, or Mexico Real off McCart South of I-20
    Kid friendly restaurant = we haul our kid's everywhere. Their picks are Fuzzy's and Chick-Fil-A
    Live music venue = Concert in the Garden @ Botanic Gardens
    Water park = Splash pad at the Fort Worth Zoo
    Playground for kids = Tons. They just built a new one off Old Grandbury Road my kids love. Patrica LeBlanc Park
    Thai food restaurant = Pho LIttle Saigon beside Ridgmar Mall or Thai Rice N Noodle off Hwy Old West (Old Camp Bowie)
    Southern food restaurant = Buttons is good. I'll throw Babe's Chicken into mix as well.
    Gym = TCU
    Beer bar = I like Buffalo Brothers at TCU
    Craft [ the old ricardo ]tail bar = No idea
    Cheap golf course = Can't help. I hunt and fish.
    Date night restaurant = Del Frisco's, Bonnell's, Waters, Lonesome Dove
    Fun place for kids = Again splash pad at Zoo, Zoo, and the trail ride across from zoo.
    Movie theater = No idea
    Grocery store = Tom Thumb off Hulen near TCU, Kroger's by TCU, or Central Market
    Dentist = I've used Brad McConnel @ Harris Parkway Dental Care off Oakmount Blvd for years.
    Wings = Hooters or Wing Stop
    Pizza (hint: it's not fancy pizza I'm looking for here - fruit and/or green vegetables don't belong on pizza) Mama's or Perrotti's
    Breakfast restaurant = Still a sucker for Old South Pancake House or West Side Cafe off Hwy 80 West (Old Camp Bowie)
    Sandwich shop = Potbelly's, Jimmy John's, McCalister's
    Dive bar = Poop Deck lol
    Italian = Prima's........I mean it's BYOB!!!! Get the chicken marsala!
  17. For a sandwich, I would go a little east into Arlington and go to Dino's.
  18. Dino's reopened!!!!!????!!??? Holy freaking crap. This is YUGE. The old one on Randol Mill just east of Cooper closed like 15 years ago and is now a (pretty decent) Lebanese place. Where are they now?
  19. S. Collins - just north of Arkansas or south of Pioneer. East side of Collins St.

    Watching them slice the meats and cheeses to order is the best appetizer I know... I am newer to Arlington cuisine and cannot promise it's the same place as the one that closed, but I think they are because the shop has all sorts of stuff that looks like they've had it for a couple decades. Also have some local food critic write ups hanging.
  20. French Quarter, Baby Dolls,..

    Oh, wait. Wrong thread.
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