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  1. I realize this could go in general, but I need to vent. I'm a Business Development Manager for a custom injection molding manufacturer. I've been there 2 + and worked very hard and done very well. It's a family run company and my buddy from TCU actually brought me in to work for his dad. After having a previous discussion about buying the 40+ shop employees food out of my own pocket, I was told by the president (my boss and the owner) every once in a while I could expense it on the company card. He said they used to do it before and he would buy pizza. This was two/three weeks ago. Fast forward to today. I buy pizza for the employees and so they don't thank me, as it's with company money, I write a note from our president. Roughly, it says, "Thank you for all your hard work. We appreciate all that you do and lunch is on me. Keep it up!" Pizza came. All the employees were so happy and made sure to say thanks! Well....I get called into his office and he asks me to shut the door. I proceed to get my ass chewed for buying pizza and putting his name on the Thank You note and not telling him that I was getting pizza today. I'm talking fists on the desk, teeth grinding mad. I've never lost my temper on a boss, but I've also never been so disrespected by anyone for doing something I was told I could do. I proceeded to tell him how I felt and as I got to the juicy/messy part I asked to excuse myself before I said anything too damaging. I'm not fired...Wish he would...And I can't quit yet...I'm going through a Wedding. He shut my phone and email accounts off, but yet he wants me to come to work on probation. I'm in a [ steaming pile of Orgeron ]ty situation and I thought I would vent. Needless to say, I am sending out resumes. The funny part is all his family came to me and apologized. They don't even like him. Anyone had a boss that had small man syndrome and likes to micromanage the crap out of you?
  2. Wow that’s rough. Workforce is full of a-hats unfortunately. I hate micro managers. Our world is full of them.
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  3. Had an ass hat the read and printed off everyone's e-mails. Had a bad case of short man's disease. We referred to him as the mayor of Munchkinland. Called me me in one time and confronted me about it. I just asked how insecure a person had to be to read everone's e-mails and then get upset about it. It just went down hill from there and had a mutual parting. He eventually got fired...
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  4. Wow. Glad I'm not alone. He does the same thing to our customer service girl. He reads her emails every day and then even responds over her. She's ready to go too, but her husband just got laid off. I had a job offer through a recruiter about year ago and turned it down. I'm really regretting that now. l've run two small companies and I never spoke or acted in disrespect to the people who made me money. It was so hard keeping a straight, honest face with all those really grateful employees in the shop after I had just gotten chewed for doing it. They work so hard and help me out a ton. If only the owner could show them the same respect.
  5. I saw this movie. Which one of you works for Jennifer Aniston?
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  6. No small man syndrome, but plenty of big tall guy intimidation types. The hover over you and stare and glare types.

    And one boss would lie on emails to me and embarrass me in meetings to get me gone so that his girlfriend in another department (he was married) could take my job. Luckily they tried crap with others higher up and were both forced out.

    And a female co-worker (I am male) who was buddy-buddy with the female head of the research center, all giggly around her, but was horrible to everyone else at work. I saw her abusing her reports daily and felt fortunate that I did not work for her. She had already gotten our boss demoted by getting the head's ear, then one day there was a reorganization where I reported to her. I was able to find work elsewhere fortunately.
  7. Pull up a chair and let me tell you about my last boss, for the sake of this thread I'll just call him Wesley...


    BTW that really sucks that he'd make a big fuss over pizza.
  8. Did you order from the wrong pizza place?

    Ha.....sorry to hear about your troubles, take a deep breath.

    I had a little man syndrome boss that finally opened his big fat mouth one too many times at a happy hour and that got back to corporate. He thought he was too cool for school, making a good living and Karma Baylored him in the arce right as he was seeing light at the end of the tunnel towards prosperity......your Boss will get his!
  9. You need somebody to rough him up? PM me.
  10. Wow. You guys are making me feel less crappy about my crappy little boss who's so full of crap the whites of his eyes are brown.
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  11. My boss is a jewish carpenter, so no complaints here.
  12. These replies really hit the spot. Thanks all!
  13. I ordered Papa Johns and he normally gets Pizza Hut. There might be something to this. Lol
  14. Get MaMa's
  15. My first job out of school, I had a real nerdy boss who was a UT grad. He was in his late 30s and lived with his dad. Granted, this guy made 6 figures but still lived with his dad. I never heard him comment about a woman, ever (meaning like, wow, she's attractive). I really think the guy was an asexual dork.

    I get out of an 8 month relationship where I had thoughts about possibly settling down with the girl and it all hit the fan 2 days before a big company event. At said event, I have a 22 year old blonde sorority girl from Arizona State who is an intern in another department throwing herself at me (this girl is nails). We continue having drinks and meet-up with others after the event at a bar and this girl is telling me everything I want to hear at the times her tongue is not down my throat.

    My mentor, who was a total playboy, comes up to me and asks if things are over with the other girl---for sure, as this girl was extremely hot but no one actually marries a girl from ASU. I tell him things are over and he proceeds to tell me to get after it, as I owe it to myself. Game on. I'll stop there, so this doesn't sound like "Dear Penthouse Forum."

    This next day at work, I am getting lots of cheers. There are lots of proud associates and even Partners are proud of me. One girl from my group pulls me aside and we visit a little bit and said to continue having fun and it's cool to keep seeing this girl but no physical contact at company events, as she heard it was pretty heated later in the evening. We laughed and that was it. I leave for the day thinking, "Well-done, buddy."

    My boss never says a word. I honestly think he felt like he couldn't say anything, as he's never been in this situation. Then, in a performance review, he brings it up. The guy couldn't have a conversation about it with me but has to write it up 8 months later. He got ticked at me for a romance that was not forbidden by company policy and that my mentor, who was a Partner (higher ranking than him), encouraged. Of course, everything to him is 2nd hand gossip, so God only knows what he actually heard.

    I was already on my way out the door but this made my decision that much easier. Last I heard, he's in his 40s and still lives with his dad. Probably still a dork with a UT degree.
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  16. Had a boss who didn't have a wife/GF/Kids he was legitimately married to his work. He was smart as hell but work was literally his life.

    He made me work 44 straight days (including weekends) with 2 all-nighters mixed into those. It was the worst experience of my life. Needless to say, I quit about 2 months after.
  17. Yeah but he's been on an extended business trip. My understanding is that when he returns there will be hell to pay for a lot of people.
  18. Ultimate humble brag?
  19. There is a big difference between a boss and a leader. Its a shame more people in positions if leadership dont realize the difference.
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  20. When I was a manager for a department store the district manager was a known womanizer and skirt chaser. All the girls knew that to get promoted you just wore a short skirt and low cut blouse when he visited. I left retail but he's still their, even after 3 sexual harassment suits. Not sure who he has pictures of.

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