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OT - Any Anthony Bourdain fans? He was found dead this morning.

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jun 8, 2018.

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    Probably not the best place to put this.

    I am in my younger 50’s with two kids in HS. One graduates in a year and the other in two. Found out earlier this week when I questioned my wife on what was wrong, she told me she didn’t want to do us anymore and wasn’t interested in trying to save our marriage.

    I have never been this emotionally low in my whole life. Starting over at this point in my life is the last thing I want to do. It has been a tough week so far. I can’t understand why anyone would not want to at least try to salvage what amounts to a huge portion of their life.

    I am just trying to find the ground below me as I take my next steps. I understand the path is going to be difficult. I want to be there for my kids and they need me to be there for them, so this what I am focusing on. To do this, I know I cannot let myself fall down into a deep abyss of depression.

    I suppose this post was therapy for myself.
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  2. [ steaming pile of Orgeron ], man, really sorry to hear that. Better days ahead, I promise.
  3. We are all here for you! I’m sorry to hear that.
  4. Someone very dear to me went through this exact thing. He was at loose ends for quite a while, but eventually met a wonderful woman and they are happily married now. I hope you have family who can support you and who you can talk to.
    I also hope you have faith. Mine has saved me many times.
  5. Sorry to hear, Babyface.

    The “like” was in support, not because I liked the news.
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  6. I was there about 1980. I’m sure things seem very dark. I remember feeling I was in a long dark tunnel without any light. I know that no two circumstances are the same, but just know that there can be a light at the end. I went through some bad days but they will get better. I was embarrassed to even tell my parents because no in my family had ever been divorced. I had to start dating again at thirty. That wasn’t a lot of fun for the most part, but not all bad. But I have been remarried for 25 years now and couldn’t be happier.

    I would suggest talking with someone if not together, go yourself to a therapist. It really can make difference. Talk to a minister. Just don’t try to do this solo.

    Just know things will slowly get better. Hang in there and stay strong.
  7. Very sorry to hear, bud. Hang in there.
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    For those remembering, or looking for an introduction....CNN tonight, Travel Channel tomorrow...

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  9. I just wanted to follow up and thank all for the support and the couple of PM’s I have received.

    I have witnessed Killerfrogs as a caring community thru the years, and it is very different than any school chat board that I know of. A lot of good people here.

    I have always been an open person and tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve. I somehow felt that by opening up about by my past week in this thread, that I was unloading an emotional burden. It has been therapeutic for me to be able to share that burden with y’all.

  10. Babyface that is brutal. My mom divorced my father right after I graduated highschool, 15 years ago. Similar situation, but both are remarried and happier than they ever were my entire childhood. My father has battled depression his entire life, I moved in with him and spent a lot of time with him the following year. Seemed to really help both of us. It won't be easy but I hope you end up in a better situation as well. So sorry man.
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  11. There are probably more people that have gone through this than want to admit. Just know you are not alone. People like to hide behind screen names, but I’m guessing just about anyone on this board cares and would be willing to help. Like I said above, please see someone. It really does help.
  12. Babyface,

    I've been where you are a couple of times in my life.

    Sudden life changes and the prospect of "starting from scratch" are daunting, indeed.

    But trust me--one morning you will wake up and be at peace. The shock, hurt, and disappointment will be gone--and be replaced by excitement to press ahead writing the next chapter(s) of your life.

    In the meantime, I hope you have a close/best friend to walk this journey with you--and a good, aggressive lawyer to protect your interests.

    PM me any time you need to vent.
  13. Damn man... you're a good dude and I hate to hear that, I know how tough that revelation is. You have a bunch of people that care a lot about you even if they don't see you all the time. You will find the even ground beyond this period of grief. Take care of you, and reach out to your friends if the need arises.
  14. Maybe I can come at this from a different perspective. I was in your wife’s position. The marriage for me was just over. I had actually had one foot out the door for a couple of years. It’s no way to live. I felt guilty as hell and tried to make it up with money. She actually remarried before I did and from all I can tell she is extremely happy, married a great guy and is doing well. I met a lady a couple of years later and we’ve now been married ten years. All I can say is if only one person is willing to try you just have to close that door. All my best.
  15. This really sucked. I loved "No Reservations". I never got into his CNN show. It's just hard for me to watch CNN.

    As a sales guy who travels a lot, I really enjoyed his show. When I travel I try to seek out places that I think he'd eat/drink at.

    He also seemed to be one of the last TV personalities willing to give people from all sorts of different backgrounds/beliefs the benefit of the doubt and portray them in a fair light. His shows were just as good if he was grilling wild game with Ted Nugent or hanging out with hippies in Oregon.

    According to this he used a bathrobe belt. That seems strange to me.

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    Yeah, I don't really like the CNN shows all that much.

    They tend to have a different feel from his Travel Channel shows....less fun, less interesting, less exploratory....more sitting, more talking, longer interview segments that often get more political/social....more about people, less about places.

    Not all that surprising, I guess, given that it's CNN.

    With that said, I imagine I'll end up watching more of the CNN shows now that he's gone and it becomes the final work of his career, but Travel Channel is where he did his best TV work.

    It's a shame that the relationship Bourdain had with Travel Channel ended so badly, Travel has found nothing that's come close to replacing him, IMO.

    They just keep giving Andrew Zimmern more shows, but I don't think anything he does is nearly as interesting as what Bourdain was doing....and some of the other shows they now have on, and were heavily advertising during the No Reservations episodes tonight, were cringe-worthy (like Man v. Food, Dead Files).
  17. Zimmern (ironically) feels like Bourdain Lite.
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