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OT - Any Anthony Bourdain fans? He was found dead this morning.

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Well in one respect I guess it’s good, because suicide is definitely not good.

    However, you’re still a wuss.
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  2. Geez, I hope this isn’t something you have given any thought to. If so, call someone ASAP!
  3. It's almost counterintuitive.

    You would think a person with the willingness to commit suicide has the strength in them to fight through their issues instead of giving up.

    It's not really weakness, or is it?
  4. Don’t think we can understand the pain depression / anxiety / psychosis can cause. People live in a private hell that just won’t go away. Part of the problem is the illness often won’t allow the individual to acknowledge anything is wrong and they refuse treatment. If they are adults you can’t force treatment or meds unless they show a desire to hurt themself or others. Self medication with alcohol can become a downward depressive cycle. We have a long way to go to learn how to effectively detect and intervene.
  5. His thought processes worked differently from most, methinks. Read the article posted either in this thread or another in which he was describing how something as innocuous as a bad burger ordered at an airport out of necessity would set off a chain of unrelated thoughts that would end up with him in a weeklong depression. That has to be difficult to deal with daily, for decades.
  6. I don't think 'selfishness' enters into it.

    Imagine a concentration camp inmate walking to the electric fence to do himself in. Someone sees this and says, "What are you doing?" The first inmate says, "I'm going to the wire." 2nd inmate says, "But that's wrong, you've got family on the outside - keep trying. It's wrong to take your own life." First inmate says, "I've seen and experienced and felt too much. I've come to the point where it has literally become impossible for me to do anything else. There are no longer any other alternatives."

    Different circumstances, of course, but in both, emotional pain over time has left them feeling completely unable to do anything else.
  7. Depression is a terrible disease. People don’t die by suicide because they are selfish. In an instant, often after years and years of fighting against it, they are just overcome by the disease and make a terrible, irreversible choice. It is totally unfair to judge their character because of one choice triggered by their disease.

    There a mental health crisis in our society that we all need to accept so we can begin to understand and fight back.

    To anyone suffering from depression, know that you have friends, family, colleagues, classmates, or acquaintances who care for and about you. Please, don’t give up. Know there are people who understand you’re suffering from a terrible disease but want you to be here because thy care for you and know most of the days will be better then the despair you feel on the bad and miserable days.
  8. "If I am an advocate for anything, it is to move. As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean, or simply across the river. Walk in someone else's shoes or at least eat their food. It's a plus for everybody."
    - Anthony Bourdain

    This suicide really made me sad. I loved his personality, his sense of adventure, and exploring the universe for new experiences. We can never truly know the pain anyone carries around with them, unless they ask for help. RIP.
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    "I want to try everything once."

    I really loved his Travel Channel shows.

    Bourdain was open to trying new and different foods, and he did so as an introduction into other cultures. I've become so much more open to eating and trying different things by trying to emulate that, especially when I travel. I really appreciate the way he did it, too....it was educational, but it was also fun and interesting...and down to earth.

    Very saddened by this news.
  10. So strange. I was at the la Fontalina in Capri yesterday before I heard the news and someone was saying that Anthony Bourdain was in there the day before. Did not here the news till I got back in the evening.
  11. That's what puzzles me

    Whatever his demons were, he had a young child and no doubt left her in shambles over this

    It was a cowards way out
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  12. Really unfortunate response.
    We just continue to shame and embarrass mental health issues (both the illness and those who have it) in this country and wonder why the problems just don’t go away somehow on their own.
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    No no no this is awful and wrong and makes the mental health crisis worse. Don’t post this.

    Wes, I certainly know you don’t have bad intentions with this. I felt the same for many years before I watched so many friends and loved ones struggle with depression and did a lot of studying to understand. Shaming the effects of depression does not help. And you cannot judge a person’s entire life and character by a single act in a moment when illness overtook them. We don’t define Ronald Reagan as a brain-dead fool because he died from Alzheimer’s. We don’t define Babe Ruth as weak because he died from cancer. And we shouldn’t define Anthony Bourdain or robin Williams or Kate Spade as cowards because they died from depression.
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  14. If you are so beaten down that no one else matters to you anymore, then the 11 yo girl would not play into this. I have seen people so burned out they only live for that moment.

    The demons in the closet can be real. Do not know about Bourdain.
  15. That’s not how it works. At all.
  16. If anyone knew “how it works”, we wouldn’t be where we are with this. One of the best days of my professional career was the day I was moved from our psychiatric division back to the CV and oncology division because nobody seemed to have any answers for the mental health therapeutic challenges and the science was all over the board and so squishy soft.
  17. I don’t know how a combustible engine works, but nuclear fusion is not part of the equation. Similarly, I don’t know how depression-related suicide works, but cowardice is not part of it.
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  18. Depending on how you define the word “cowardice”, you’ll have some mental health “experts” agree with you and some disagree. That’s kinda my point.
  19. Stop
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