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OT - Any Anthony Bourdain fans? He was found dead this morning.

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jun 8, 2018.

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  2. I enjoyed watching this guy. Just sorry he never came to review Dutch's. Wonder if he would have liked the Blue Cheese Bacon Burger as much as I do.
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  3. Why?

    I know, some psychosis is going on. I just don’t get it especially for those that have good things going for them.

    I don’t comphrend anyone taking their life, but it easier to understand the motive when someone is down and out and has lost it all.

    Loved his shows. Sad news.
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  4. Agreed. Guess one just never knows until walking in their shoes. I’ll never understand it though.
  5. Not all who wander are lost. RIP man.
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  6. enjoyed his shows , especially the recent trend to eat among the common people so to speak.

    it always struck me for a guy who damn near killed himself with cocaine and various opiates that he drank a great deal on his show seemed he couldn't leave his demons behind him
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  7. He did an episode long ago on the border once. Came to Del Rio and stuff. I’m betting he would have, he always seemed like one of those celebrities who didn’t mind a true local place...course that’s tv, never know the real person really.
  8. 11 yo daughter I believe.
  9. This saddens me. Awsome that he could stroll into a war torn or beligerent country and find common ground with food.
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  10. I found his books interesting reads and while some felt he played up the egos and the partying the impression he gave of mario batalli isn't too far a leap from the person who is charged with assaults
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  11. Kind of selfish in that regard.

    The guy was seriously screwed up. He said his early life was “seriously normal” (read privileged-dropped out of Vassar) and turned to drugs “as soon as I could”.
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  12. One of his funnier ones was in Texas when he met Dubya and Ted Nugent for Texas BBQ, shoot’n some food and burning up some ammo. Said he learned a new a appreciation for things he hated - guns and conservatives. After shooting a M 249 SAW, “have to admit that was kind of fun”.
  13. This is true.

    There are so many people that have taken their lives and from the outside looking in, you think they have such a wonderful life, what could possibly go wrong?

    A lot of these people have all the money in the world and you would think financial freedom is the one all be all. That's obviously not the case.

    There was a Parts Unknown episode with Anthony with a psychiatrist/psychoanalyst and he was talking about his anxieties, fears... it may have been for show but you had a glimpse the there was something deeper and that he may have had another side we did not see.

    He was living my dream. Traveling the world, experiencing all the the different cultures and cuisines, as a "job".

  14. Mental health issues are the toughest things to understand.

    About a week ago, a (casual) friend killed himself on his daughter's prom night, one week before her graduation.

    Seems incredibly selfish but I don't know what's happening inside other people's heads.

    Just feel bad for everyone involved.
  15. Super sad. Loved his show since it first began back on Travel Channel. His insights on he the cultures he visited were the best. RIP Anthony.
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  16. The MSM also said the guy who killed himself with a nail gun after multiple tries was a suicide too...one never knows the truth nowadays it seems.
  17. Money, fame, ego and status have nothing on depression and never will. I've known two people that had everything and more and they took their lives. I'm still in shock after the years and still don't understand the why and I never will. I donate monthly to suicide crisis center in North Texas in their honor. RIP peace Anthony Bourdain
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  18. So tragic.

    I also had a friend that took his life and this guy was the one we all looked up to all the way back to middle school.

    The smartest kid, literally the top of our class every year. He was good looking and very charismatic. Had a great job and family.

    Jumped off a building to his death.
  19. I am too much of a wuss to take my own life, not even sure what that means, if it’s good or bad?

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