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OT: A Primer

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Peacefrog, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Lose = non win
    Loose = non tight

    Dominant = adjective
    Dominate = verb

    These words are not interchangeable.

    That is all. Happy Tuesday.

    Carry on.
  2. Also...

    effect = noun
    affect = verb
  3. As an added point...

    It's not "could of" or "should of."

    It's "could have" and "should have."
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  4. Irregardless = nonstandard English word, at best
  5. I could of agreed with this more.
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  6. Supposably...
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  7. Oh good....I'm not the only one who has noticed incorrect word usage has become an epidemic around here.

    Need to add the correct usage of there, their and they're to the list.

    Also, it's "I should have GONE to....," not "I should have WENT to..."
  8. Loaf - Loaves

    Oaf - ?
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  9. Can you be more pacific?
  10. MEACHAM.
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  11. Suck=baylor
    Spit Blood~~<~< and scheiss baylor
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  12. a primer = pointless thread about internet grammar
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  13. Poofster=baylor or smu fan
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  14. Pointless threads are my specialty. I narrowed it down to this one or conference realignment. This seemed less boring.
  15. Ain't ain't a word! You misunderestimated me! I want two drink to beers at once but that might be two much for you too handle. I like to hunt deer's and shoot a deer sometimes I see so many dear's and can't not find which one to shoot! Don't not get me started about gooses!

    Since texting began no one can spell or use Grammer correctly!
  16. ^^^I didn't notice a difference.
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  17. Boobs- fun bags
    Boobies- lots of fun bags.

  18. Oh, this is such complicated stuff sometimes! While, yes, generally effect is the noun and affect is the verb, effect is also a verb and affect is also a noun. Damn the English language! But I love it.
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  19. There
  20. (__)_)###D = Grammar Nazi
    (__)_)##########D = Lexington Steele
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