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Oklahoma State @ Oregon State

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Frogs Reign, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. Agree. Okie Lite D looked shaky on first drive. But, they look like they are taking control.
  2. Hubbard is a beast. Love how he runs. Scary for big 12.
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  3. Wallace may be better than Washington was for them. Glad we never had to face them with Dez.
  4. Oregon State gave up at least 34 points in every game they played last year. Only UConn had a worse defense statistically
  5. I do think Wallace is better. Yikes.
  6. 129th ranked defense of 130.
  7. Yes but it’s more about the way he runs routes and catches the ball.
  8. That decision to go for 2 and miss was huge for those of us who have -14.5 on OKST
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  9. Just idiotic coaching decision.
  10. I did not understand it at all
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  11. Okla st has a real quarterback in Spencer Sanders.
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  12. Did I understand correctly that the Pokes/Beavs game is delayed bc some coaches got stuck in a broken elevator on the way up from half time? I flipped over right before it went to commercial.
  13. Yep. What I don’t get is how they started the half with the coaches not there. But then had to delay it when Oregon State was going on offense.
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  14. Crazy. Watch Nevada/Purdue finish.
  15. Okie Sts Def Coordinator is unbelievably predictable...Brings all out pressure on any 3rd and 7 or more and never disguises it
  16. Pretty clear that OSU is about the same as they ever are...Score points, give up points
  17. We see the Okie St “wrinkle” for 2019..It will include a lot of RPO with Sanders
  18. Yup. It makes them much more dangerous, especially since Sanders looking more accurate than Cornelius was last year. (59% completion)

    Taylor Cornelius ran for 52 yards and 2 TDs against us.
  19. Okie Punter is a 29 yr old Aussie...
  20. That offense could be scary. Sanders looks dangerous, but Chuba is the truth and they have dangerous weapons outside too. Wallace and Stoner are a formidable pair to compliment that running game.

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