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Oklahoma State @ Oregon State

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Frogs Reign, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. Anyone watching? Just starting on FS1
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  2. Oregon State’s stadium looks like a high school stadium.
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  3. Okie State’s defense looks horrible.
  4. Because it kind of is. Except it has a neat corporate sponsorship by a potato salad company.
  5. Oregon State's offense last year was actually pretty decent. But their defense was worst in P5.
  6. Combined score? +90
  7. OSU D looking pretty porous against the run down so far.
  8. Big 12 doesn’t play defense.
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  9. Which OSU?
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  10. Not "the."
  11. Ohio State. He’s posting from the future.
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  12. Still doesn't narrow it down.
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  13. The orange and black OSU that's in the tiny crappy town in the middle of nowhere
  14. And a bad defense.
  15. Oregon State stadium doing the chainsaw bit every 3rd down is lame.

    Just wait until OK State commits a turnover.

  16. Beavs blink first on defense.
  17. Freshman QB Sanders looks solid.. has some wheels
  18. Okie Lite settling in.
  19. Still reserving judgement. This may be the worst defense in the P5 again.
  20. Hubbard is legit regardless of Oregon State. Gets from a crowd into space quickly.

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