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Ohio State opens as 12-point favorite over TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 25, 2018.

  1. If I was still a betting man - I would take the points.
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  2. I wondered how the line would open. 12 points doesn't surprise me one way or the other.
  3. Wow. That’s a big number. Yeesh
  4. No problem with this line. Gives Gary more ammo to work the team up with.
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  5. Sounds a bit high considering that both squads will be starting new QBs (not counting Robinson’s start in Lubbock).
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  6. I would have guesses 9.5. 12 seems high with how good TCU's defense will be. Should be able to keep them in the 20's, just depends on if we can score.
  7. Wish it was higher but I like this news a lot.
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  8. It seems weird to issue a line this early...
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    Yep. I expect a grind-it-out, field position kind of game. There's little doubt in my mind that GP is going to play it very close to the vest on O and rely on his defense to keep it close into the 4th quarter. I think they'll have some trouble moving the ball consistently on us, it'll come down to whether we can do anything offensively without turning it over. Their D-line vs our O-line is the matchup that concerns me.
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  10. Easy money on TCU to cover.
  11. Vegas knows ... Hopefully this gap is to attract people to bet and as the day gets closer the number gets lower. Or Vegas thinks Ohio State is going to have one heck of a team.
  12. Exactly where we want them
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  13. That’s high IMO.
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  14. It will come down especially after we play a game.
  15. Other TCU games listed:

    TCU vs UT-pick em
    TCU -12 vs KansSt
  16. Interesting....considering that Ohio state has been ranked rather high in many pre-season polls.
  17. The opening spread is based strictly on where the teams rank in the computer strength models. The computers think that OSU is 12 points better than we are.
  18. Good thing we play them in a field not inside a compruter

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