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Not to rehash a bad event but why again did Kendric Davis leave??

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Punter1, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. Gotta think our conf record would be reversed if he was here...we do not have a PG and its killing us.
  2. He literally didn’t go to class.
  3. ....but he does now at the Hilltop
  4. I’m curious how you know this? Took an entire team just for him to stay eligible and it was highly likely at some point during his time he wasn’t going to be eligible. Wasn’t worth the time and fight for the coaches.
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  5. I should have put /sarcasm- I bet he’s trying to go to class but doubt he is....
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  6. Shows you that high and mighty academic SMU is just B.S.
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  7. I am not sure how valid him not going to class is, he obviously qualified to play at SMU. One would think he could have been eligible to play here. Not that he was great but we could have used him.
  8. He was eligible here as well.
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  9. Disagree. I'm betting he's mighty high.
  10. I heard from a friend who is generally fairly connected to the programs, and not a liar, that there was an incident. Not rape or anything, but it sounded like we had our reasons.
  11. He’s borderline great. Probably all conference this year.
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  12. That makes a lot more sense to me.
  13. SMU the new SHSU for TCU rejects?
  14. Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    To anyone that’s paid attention, it was pretty clear that TCU told him to leave. I had never heard it was a behavioral issue until your post.

    I’ve always been under the impression we simply told him there was no longer a spot on a roster for him anymore because we thought we had better talent and he no longer was good enough to make the team.

    If he truly did something behaviorally that was worthy of being kicked off the team, it makes you wonder why TCU went out of their way to help him get immediate eligibility at smu.
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  15. If we told him to leave due to roster space, Dixon should be fired immediately. Makes no sense given we had zero PGs besides a grad transfer and true FR

    I’ve always assumed there was an untold story. Something not awful, but when combined with poor academics, was enough to say bye
  16. Totally agree. Took about 10 minutes into game 1 this year for me to realize that he was way better than anything we have right now. The idea that we ran him off because we didn’t need him seems impossibly wrong.
  17. There was another poster here that hinted something like this is what happened.
  18. Some people are toxic to a team's chemistry.

    Best for him to be at SMU.
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  19. My understanding is it was just a compilation of everything and a decision that he was better off somewhere else

    hindsight is always better but if does look like maybe he was worth the effort to fix whatever happened now

    but since I am not sure anyone outside the program knows what happened - that is easy to say

    what I do know is that we didn’t look that much different yesterday after Bello went out - so I guess I don’t get the role of our PG in our scheme

    hope Bello is ok - that knee to the head look like a right cross from a heavyweight

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