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No more TCU Lettermen's Association....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Punter1, Nov 2, 2020.

  1. My bumper sticker still says Lettermen’s Association. I think I’ll leave it.
  2. A year before you didn't...
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Doesn’t change your status. You’re still a lifetime member of a club that’s died.

    Now be prepared to sign over your 401k for your lifetime membership to Block T.
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  5. Why not the TCU Letter Club or Association?

  6. Block T sounds like some Low T cause or treatment I would see an infomercial for at 2 am on Spike TV in 2007 after watching Cops reruns for 3 hours straight.

    GotDam I miss Cops...and the Lettermans Association.
  7. I am not a TCU "Letterman" so maybe I have no standing here, but the name change "surprise" without giving people that ARE effected some input - whether a name change is really warranted, and if so, some candidate names that would be palatable to those TCU stakeholders. Instead they come up with a name that's really STUPID.

    I matriculated to TCU in Fall '76 and was a virtual foreigner in TCU land. I saw a few guys walking around in purple/grey, and to my eye a little oddly designed, letter jackets that had a "T". I learned later that this was the official athletic letter, of TCU. It just didn't compute with me. Where was the "c" and the "u." It seemed insufficient to me. The fact that they didn't incorporate all three TCU letters was always an oddity to me.

    Now this PC crap is visited upon these folk, plain stupid!. The athletic administration and TCU big shots need to cool their jets - there is no limit to their offense in their quest to make everyone equal - it's all just window dressing anyway. The word "men" is not offensive, it is INCLUSIVE when used in this context.

    I feel for the TCU "lettermen" who've been effected by this sneak attack.

    How about simply, as a brand: "Letter Winners TCU" clean, less letters, gender neutral, and TELLS THE READER WHAT THE ORGANIZATION IS. "BLOCK T" is just dumb.
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  8. When will we say enough with this PC malarky? Seriously?

    How fragile is your self esteem and worth, if you can't handle being apart of an organization called "Lettermen's Association", just because it's letter-men?

    All these alphabet people should go start their own they/them country and leave us normals alone.
  9. FeMale and WoMan/WoMen aren’t inclusive enough either.
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  10. Yes. From this day forward you will be referred to as a Block Head...
    BEAT Texas lite!
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  11. Block??? T
    What in the actual? Virginia Frog wrote what I was thinking if they want a name change -- TCU Letter Winners Assoc.

  13. Block T Sounds a treatment for hypogonadism
  14. Equity. Figures it was the campus busybodies at the E&I office.
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  15. Those who won Wog letters and sweaters may have to start their own WOG Letterman Association.
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    When my older sister started TCU in 1975, Dad of Froglaw was so proud that he could go to the Lettermans window at the main ticket booth and get his"Letterman's Discount" on four tickets. He would talk and laugh with others in line to go watch some really bad TCU teams led by Mike Renfro, Steve Judy, and some other Frogs trying to get at least one win a year.

    Those games were hard on our Lettermen who dominated every SWC team in the late 40's and throughout the 50's.

    I miss watching Dad and those proud members of the Block T. I bet they would not care as long as the had coffee on those cold November games.
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  17. Fast becoming a nation of victims
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  18. Mmmm. I like that...
  19. Close, it's apparently the symptom.
  20. Perhaps they should have come up with several names and let the Lettermen/women vote on the best choice.
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