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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Aug 3, 2020.

  1. From a poster on 247:

    heard that a player said "*****" with the hard r, and GP responded by saying, "don't say *****"
  2. Maybe GP just wants to be done with all the BS of the world, live in the middle of nowhere and deal with as little people as possible and saw this as the quickest way to make it happen.
  3. I would be hard pressed to believe that GP would just blurt out such a racially charged word. Wouldn't be surprised if there is a LOT more to this story.
  4. Look, the allegation is this was said in a team meeting.

    This isn’t a complicated situation.

    The claim will either be immediately corroborated and Patterson will be retired.

    Or, hopefully, and IMO most likely, it is either not true or the context jake posted is accurate and such will be immediately corroborated and it’ll blow over (in the latter case, with a contextualized and reasonable apology).

    We’ll know before we sleep tonight.

    So those with the terrible hot takes about the n word not being “that bad” or this being BLM’s fault should just STFU and not smash post. The trolls and snoopers from outside tcu will be here in full force today. Don’t be or make us look like a bunch of dumbass racists.
  5. If this is how it played out, give me a break.

    All of you who back all these racial justice movements, this is the end result. It fuels the fires of petty things like this
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  6. There are tons of meetings during 2-a-days. Multiple per day, although its usually divided by offense/defense and by positions. Whole team meetings are not an everyday thing. I am guessing such a meeting would have been an all-defense meeting.
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  7. I see... So, the word itself is meaningless? Or the utterance of it is purely a racial thing? The point I'm driving at is that it is a word. A word that should carry little meaning in modern times, considering it's etymology. Yet, so many have been conditioned to react to it in such an unhinged manner that it is literally fascinating.

    It's a word. Nothing more. To react in such ways is to give it weight and power. Better to not react at all, and let it die.
  8. The ****** with the soft r should probably be retired for good too.
  9. I understand that but we have been doing musical chairs bc of COVID.
  10. Let's just cancell CFB altogether.
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  11. [ What the heck? ]. Stop being an ignorant piece of [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ].
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  12. there's the story. GP holding a player accountable. Should he have said it? probably not. but not near the story that is out there.
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  13. Pray, elaborate...
  14. EDIT: Disregard, allegation is out there.
  15. To clarify the player is Dylan Jordan.
  16. so are we supposed to guess who posted this or are you going to say.

    the pitt reference would infer a linebacker from kansas
  17. Soon to be former player

  18. See above....

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