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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Aug 3, 2020.

  1. Players need to quit calling themselves niggas. Especially if they want the word ****** to never be used.
  2. That would not be a good luck for Patterson or TCU.
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  3. If LHCGP said that, then it was dumb. There are consequences for dumb things.
  4. To me it sounds like a player bitter about playing time trying to use race as leverage to get that situation to change.
  5. all words don't carry the same weight when spoken etc....

    profanity is nothing but words, but i have friend who is a head coach at a school in east texas and he has let guys go from his staff for simply saying "words"
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  6. They don't let Drill Sergeants say naughty words anymore, either. Somehow, they still get their points across. I simply find it amusing and puzzling that The Word is only offensive if utilized by an incorrect racial group member.

    The entire spectacle of this is ridiculous. The Narrative is already being set up, as the 24/7 and others pile on.
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  7. Oh for scheisss sake
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  8. Reply by Pro Wells one of the more active players on social justice is reassuring:

  9. think there is a number of things here that have been put on display via social media
  10. Then TCU and Coach P needs to get out and set the record straight. 22,000 likes on that Instagram post. Blowing up on Insta/Twitter. Recruits on Twitter asking if true.

    Silence does not help in these situations. Perception is reality.
  11. you learned long ago all parts of life aren't fair right?
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  12. Our society is turning into one giant 24/7 scheissing beating. SMH.
  13. There in lies the problem. Bunch of people taking what’s said on social media and just running with it. Can’t even gather facts, just what’s on Instagram serves as truth.
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  14. I agree.
  15. Mark Cohen needs to be infront of a camera right now before this continues to spiral out of control as GP is currently getting the guilty until proven innocent treatment right now.
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  16. Indeed I did. Yet, I still retain the freedom to make snide and pointless commentary on it.
  17. think the challenge is you are going to have to expose a situation that shouldn't have been made public to the public and bring in players such as wells and davis to stand by gary.

    worst part is jordan's post reads like a typical 19-20 year old who has grown up with a phone in his hand far too long
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  18. Sad times indeed when a player's tweet can cost a man his job.
    It's the world we live in.
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