New JumboFrog 5000 coming in 2019

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  1. If that thing tips over it’ll take 1/4 of the stands with it.
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  2. It’s OK. I don’t know anybody over there.
  3. That rendering looks awesome. Wish the club/boxes were at the top of both sides, but can’t fix the west side now.
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  4. Since we love our tailgating so much, can they make it double sided so that lot 3 and 4 can watch?
  5. Why 2019? If they can build a suite level above the east side for 2018, mounting a big screen should be easier.
  6. Is this for real?
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  7. I sit there so I'm not ok with this
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  8. It is still being assembled in South Korea.
  9. Do I know you?
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    For those missing the joke, here’s the actual rendering.




    For references, CDC previously commented back in January or so that it’s slightly larger than Baylor’s video board at the new McLane Stadium.

    IMO, it should still be larger. Baylor’s is closer to the stands because it’s not on top of a second deck. I think they could nearly get rid of the podium and go quite a bit wider and taller
  12. no
  13. Ha, thanks. Didn’t think so, but def got me for a second
  14. We made the trip to Norman this weekend. Now THAT was a video board.
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  15. They need to take out the tiny screen on the south side.

    Clears up the Schol for a viewing area for football games.
  16. yea that's still too small, it really doesn't look like an improvement at all but it's a rendering so i guess i'll wait and pass judgement
  17. I'm still wondering how the present one has stayed up during violent storms...
  18. Go big or go home.
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