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New Big 12 Schedule Released

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Aug 12, 2020.

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    ESPN U has been pretty disappointing the past few months...I've found myself going to the Beatles Channel quite a bit.

    I catch Mark Packer sometimes going home...he's been pretty good.
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    for me, the last 5-10 years. most of the national conversations about college football have become the same loop over and over and over again

    maybe it is because i have gotten older, maybe i just don't see the genius in jim harbaugh and why this season will be different this time, but i just have little to no interest in any of the national college football conversation and any interest i had was killed in that dog and pony clusterfawk we got exposed to each week of the first bcs season in 2014.

    that was the most contrived [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] i can recall in quite sometime, literally expected to see vince mcmahan at some point in one of those broadcasts and the final "episode" just killed any interest that was there for me.
  3. Yeah, 2014 completely legitimized the "National Championship" for me. Now, the only thing I care about or pay attention to is winning the Big 12 and going to a good bowl.

    However, given the circumstances this year, I guarantee that TCU will win the National Championship and Big10/Pac 12 fans will [ hundin] and moan that it's not legitimate.

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  4. THIS RIGHT HERE^^^. The teams in the B1G, PAC and MW that want to play should just schedule each other. How about this: Nebraska, Iowa, tOsu, PSU, Utah, Zona, ASU, USC, UCLA, Boise and Fresno just work out a schedule for this year only. Think a network would pick that up for a season? Especially if they just got furked out of their season broadcast by the B1G or PAC? In a heartbeat.
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  5. As I mentioned on another thread, the Big 10 commissioner said if Nebraska plays ball this fall, they would be out of the Big 10. Now, if tOSU and PSU and Michigan said they were going to play, I think the commissioner would rephrase his statement.
  6. I was lucky enough to be right behind the team for that game and I agree we should wear them for the big home games. I would love to see a road version of them as well.
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  7. Look great in person. On TV it looked blue and ugly
  8. They have digital tvs now. Won't cost you much to upgrade!
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  9. Actually I think the commissioner would be out of the Big10.
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  10. Man if the Big 12 changes their ever loving minds now......

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  11. Alea iacta est.
  12. Calling my shot now... I predict ESPN College GameDay rolling into Fort Worth on Saturday, October 24th to help America witness Garrett Wallow and that top flight TCU defense destroy OU's arrogant QB1 Freshman Spencer Rattler. Gary is due to get his here in that game.
  13. There will be some tests. Just gotta push through and ignore the noise.
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  14. I put the odds at about 900,000,000:1 that College Gameday goes to any campus in 2020.
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  15. Not going to happen. That’s like hoping we can attend a concert with a mosh pit
  16. Lol. I have all that. Still looked blue on tv.
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  17. Debbie Downer...
  18. From Gameday to Zoomday
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  19. I’ll put $10 on those odds. Not sure what Campus, but Gameday will be there.
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