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New basketball commit- Mickey Pearson

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Mavsman53, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. TCU picks up a commitment from G/F Mickey Pearson. Pearson is 6'7 and played a post grad year at Hargrave Military Academy in Va.
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    He can jump over the backboard and is quick on his feet. Can drive and shoot the 3. He's aggressive with his shot and is very agile with good length. Obviously the team runs their offense thru him. We need some more of these, muy pronto, I don't care what rating he has or not. The proof is in the pudding.

  3. Yes, he can jump.
  4. If he brings that aggressiveness he will get immediate PT. Overmached a lot of the kids he was up against there. But if he splits the 2/3 positions here, he could also post up some guys.
  5. looks like he has the physical tools to play the 3 spot left open by noi.

    that gives the frogs in this class:

    1 point guard
    2 2-guards in fuller and the xavier transfer
    2 wings in smith and now pearson.

    2 spots left and they have to get some help inside at the 4/5.
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  6. The new Goo Kennedy?
  7. It's amazing how good kids can look when they are playing vastly inferior competition. Talk about a man among boys.....
  8. My memory is a little cloudy: I get Kennedy and DeGrate mixed up. I remember one of those guys could jump out of the arena!
  9. saw shaquille o'neal play against navasota in the state semi-finals and despite the fact i am pretty sure every one of his shots was straight down into the floor of the drum there wasn't much doubt about his future
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  10. Maybe I am oversimplifying, but if one has talent and ability, that gets one in the door. What one does to continue elevate themselves will decide how much of a contributor they are.
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  11. Has a bit of a Kobe Bryant gait and look to his shot.
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  12. DeGrate was the leaper. He sprained his ankle (or something) early in our 1971 1st round NCAA tournament game vs Notre Dame and was lost for most of the game. We lost by a 8pts at Hofheinz after Austin Carr scored something like 58 pts. Kennedy & the Frogs led at many points but couldn't punch the ticket to the second round in the last minute or so. Incredible game. Losing DeGrate was the difference.
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  13. Kind of like Ohio State in the Big 10...

    But I jest.
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  14. I’d say Kennedy was maybe 6-7 and had some bulk / played post. Dominant player even at that height. Degrate about 6-4 forward and a very good athlete. I played city league basketball with some buddies for the Stables in the mid-70’s and Degrate played some games with us. He could still sky. Lob /dunk, lob / dunk.
  15. Absolutely, had the same thought.
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  16. They were both good leapers but Goo was the dominant leaper.
  17. I'm waiting to hear from Satis.
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  18. Both could jump

    Kennedy was taller and a great rebounder

    DeGrate was 6’4” but played taller because of his jumping ability and willingness to go inside
  19. When Johnny Swaim was interviewed before the tournament, he was asked what his team’s greatest weakness was. He said it was lack of height. When asked what the greatest strength was, he smiled and said “rebounding”.
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