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New baseball uniforms

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. Agree. Not seeing a whole lotta change.
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  2. Love the pinstripes, the next three look unchanged as do the TC Cream ones outside of I guess the swoosh is chrome now? The only one I'm not thrilled with is the black jersey. Doesn't seem to fit with the rest.
  3. Why do they say "Los D-Backs" ??? Are they trying to be Los Angeles?

  4. A lot of teams did that for Hispanic outreach the last few years. Pretty cool, IMO.
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  5. Here were some other examples:
  6. Texas will be minority majority soon. Any business that wants to be relevant needs to do outreach. There is a reason TCU football has Spanish language broadcasts. It is the future of Texas and ultimately the country.
  7. FWIW - D2 baseball started today. Saw some good games on streaming. Correction: saw some games on streaming. Mostly lopsided. I liked what Angelo State did for their home opener against CO School of Mines -- they let the fans vote on their opening day uniforms via twitter. St Edwards may be salty this year. West Texas A&M could also be playing some good baseball in the Lone Star Conference. They're playing right now in Las Vegas, NM. I enjoy baseball at many levels.
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  8. All I ask regarding uniforms is this..... a couple of those almost require full leggings. A couple would even look good in stirrups. The others are best with long pants. My point is this, you have six sets of unis from different eras. Wear them appropriately and with everyone the same according to the uniform, not the player.
  9. Oh I get it...you mean the actual definition of uniform. I agree.

    I should look it up in the rule book but probably won't. We got in trouble with an umpire in high school one time because our pitcher was wearing a white long-sleeve undershirt under his jersey top. He was a football player and had the sleeves from football. The umpire said that for him to wear that we all had to wear that to be in "uniform". And...since our baseball coach was also our offensive line coach, he went into the locker room and gave us all white long-sleeves to wear. Ump was pissed. Said that the pitcher could not wear long-sleeve white undershirt by rule. Our coach asked if the rest of us could. He said yes. Then all hell broke loose.
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  10. There are so many different opinions about what a pitcher can and can’t wear. We had a kid in college one year have to cut his 3/4 sleeve because the ump said the under shirt either had to be under the jersey or a full long sleeve. Also had an ump say one time the undershirt must be the same color as the jersey. I asked him about the jersey being white and he said the pitcher couldn’t wear it then.
  11. That we all speak Spanish?
  12. Nope except for you
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    Businesses will remain relevant the same way they always have - quality, price, customer service, delivery - regardless the race of the customer. Democrat talking points are irrelevant to the equation.

    Edit: to be clear, businesses have been geared up to communicate with Spanish speaking customers for many, many years. Every Customer Service and sales organization that didn’t have a significant number of Spanish speaking staff 40-50 years ago were well behind the curve. This is not a new phenomenon.
  14. Oh, ok, so the regular English version of those MLB jerseys should say "The" ??? Like "The Rangers." ??? Maybe I'm confused.
  15. Don't know about that but if they wanted to be historically accurate the Spanish language version should be: "Los Diablos Tejanos"
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  16. Imagine this being something you actually worry about. It's a fun little way to reach out to the Hispanic audience. It really worth contemplating beyond that?
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  17. Yeah. Hmmmm. So let’s say I’m in Mexico. I go to a Toros soccer game. I’m more likely to be their fan and buy a jersey if it says The Toros ???
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  18. Good Lord.
  19. FIFY.

    LOL I’m just messin.’ But Los D’Backs truly is stupido.
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