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New baseball uniforms

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. It’s about time. Please lose the arched TCU on the hats for good and stick with TC monogram!
  2. I thought there were some issues with the Twins that prevented that from being our primary logo?
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  3. Shouldn’t, we had it before they were a franchise.
  4. Hell. Yes. Brought back the better looking Friday night whites (without the underarm purple) and the pinstripes look good
  5. How do we get our hands on official on-field caps??? Back in the day, we just went to Flash and picked up the Pro Line versions.
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  6. I like the script throw backs better.
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  7. Look pretty much the same to me.
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  8. Son of Pharm already called to ask if I would buy a pin-stripe jersey for him. But here's a screengrab.

    Frog Baseball Uniforms.png
  9. not sure if I’m just whelmed or underwhelmed...
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  10. Like em. Cream throwbacks, purple piping, TC logo are the best.
  11. It’s baseball man. You want horns around the neckline or something? Or maybe spice it up like that abomination of AZ Diamondback uniform.
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  12. Glad to see the purple piping on the home white jersey make a comeback. Those were some of my favorites. Love the pinstripe home whites as well.
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  13. We better never wear the normal whites over the pinstripes. Zero point in having two white on white jersey pant combos imo. Pinstripes are awesome
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  14. Disagree with all of this. Plain whites look good and we’ve worn them on Fridays this entire decade. Many schools have multiple white on white Jersey combos. That doesn’t mean there’s a point to it, but I like the versatitly and it looks good. Pinstripes could be a new Tuesday home game staple, or as another home jersey during tournaments
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  15. Pinstripe is awesome.
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