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New baseball uniforms

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. Cerveceros is clearly the best one.
  2. not sure if I’m just whelmed or underwhelmed...
    Wouldn’t that just be The Bulls?

    And sure, I got my season tickets for the Cabo San Lucas “The Tourists” of the Sur Baja Ligas because of the gringo reach out program.
  3. I’m good. Already fluent. You?
  4. Baseball uniform thread??

    (Scrolls up to verify)

  5. [​IMG]
  6. I wish they all wore stirrups. I just can’t get used to long pants in baseball. I know ..... I’m old!
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  7. I love the pinstripes and the throwbacks. i'll willingly accept anything that #PharmFrog wants to throw my way, though (as long as it's sports attire-related).
  8. We gripe a lot about video and pics, but this video was sweet. Our production game is on the rise!
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  9. That was great. Like how they highlighted the Nike logo and various details of the uniform.
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  10. I saw something that they were wearing new uniforms today. I can't find the tweet now, but Bane did get a response saying they are coming I believe.

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  11. Shocker.
  12. No, that's Wichita State.
  13. "Fixed" it wrong. It's Buen Señor.

    Better brush up, Shreve. You don't want to be caught not knowing the lingo when Texas becomes minority majority.
  14. Technically it’s “Dios mío” or “Ay, dios”
  15. Y’all are wasting your time. Unless proper Spanish is going to displace it, Mike Judge (the new Nostradamus) has me preparing for the following: “But the English language had deteriorated into a hybrid of hillbilly, valley girl, inner city slang, and various grunts.”
  16. I posted this picture on the football uniform thread to show the guitar-pick TCU badge, but it also shows the unfortunate phrase embroidered inside the collar. Instead of elevating the students, we are dumbing-down to the lowest denominator. At least it won't show when they are wearing it.
  17. "For All We Have And Are"
    For all we have and are,
    For all our children's fate,
    Stand up and take the war.
    The Hun is at the gate!
    Our world has passed away,
    In wantonness o'erthrown.
    There is nothing left to-day
    But steel and fire and stone!
    Though all we knew depart,
    The old Commandments stand:—
    "In courage keep your heart,
    In strength lift up your hand."
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  18. Sorry Quilter, but this is a bad take.

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  19. Is that supposed to change my mind?

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