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NCAA Rejects Baldwin's Immediate Transfer Eligibility

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Big Frog II, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. Hard to play when he is coming back from surgery isn’t it?
  2. He’s up and moving around unassisted just fine right now.
  3. Not sure that’s correct about school filing for waiver. I could be completely wrong here so I’ll stand corrected if so, but why does Baldwin personally hire an attorney, which he did, if it’s TCU’s job to file for the waiver?

    Pretty sure JC said TCU was not involved in the initial request for waiver. I’ll see if I can dig that post up on 247.

    Doesn’t really matter I guess. I’m just curious how that’s all playing out and what additional evidence/information does Baldwin have now that they didn’t upon initial filing? Entire process is a sham.
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    There is really is no need for further drama on Baldwin...

    a) he's just recovering anyway.
    b) His resume is no greater than 3 other Underclassmen we have at QB.
    c) we have a proven Sr. QB already in the mix among the 4 QB competition.
    d) let him prove himself when a 100% healthy and a Spring practice behind him.
  5. Fair points, yet I don't understand the appeal if this is the approach/strategy.
  6. If JC said that, he was wrong. TCU is absolutely involved in this. We definitely want Baldwin eligible, and we are spending time/money on this.
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  7. TCU files the waiver request with the NCAA. The Baldwins hired Travis Leach to help them draft the request and now to argue with the NCAA about their ridiculous decision. It's the family's option to hire and pay for counsel. Either way, TCU is the entity before the NCAA board. I'm not sure where JC got the idea that GP or TCU didn't care about the waiver. I think if someone said that it's that TCU and GP don't want to play the thing out in the media or criticize Ohio State in any way. Plus, the coaches need to focus on the players that are eligible going into fall camp. They can't be spending time on the waiver. But, I guarantee you the TCU Compliance office is spending time and effort. They want the waiver.
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  8. Gotcha. Makes sense to me. I guess maybe the way it was worded in JC’s post, I read it as TCU was completely hands off of this thing. I was actually kind of surprised by the ‘absolute’ wording nature of the comment.

    But I don’t know anything about filing waivers.
  9. Dance with the one that brought you, or suffer the consequences.

    I get the NCAA hypocrisy (it's a corrupt organization). But, unfettered transferring will kill college football for obvious reasons.
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  10. That’s not what I was referring to.

    The other poster wrote that Gary Patterson stated that Baldwin was extremely talented and could be starting this year, and as a result he was going to get involved in the appeal. I had not heard Gary state that anywhere, so I was asking where he heard that.

    It’s possible the other poster knows Gary or he overheard Gary saying it in private, so I was asking if Gary stated that to him.
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  11. what do you do when you have all inexperienced dance partners?
  12. That’s when you wanna start doing line dancing. Less dependent on a partner.
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  13. And, what about when the one that brought you leaves as well as all of your other dance partners to go to some other school for more money. At Ohio State, there were coaching changes (a new QB coach), suspensions, 3 or 4 quarterbacks left....does a kid still have to stay with the one that "brought him". Doesn't seem fair.

    I totally get what you're saying, but I think it's wrong to apply the changes in the rules to Baldwin. He transferred in May based on an understanding of the rules, the rules changed in June, and now he's denied? Most laws out in the real world (so nothing like the NCAA) do not apply in that way. People are grandfathered in or something like that. Right?

    Honestly, though, I think all of this talk about rules and guidelines is just pretend. The NCAA makes decisions based on star ratings and the size of the program. It's ridiculous. To get away from that, the rule needs to either be no transfers at all, only one transfer after one year, or free agency. Can't depend on the NCAA arbitrary examination of documents where they decide which athlete is lying and which athlete has a valid basis for transferring. That's absurd.
  14. i agree with jake that when the ncaa allowed justin fields to play immediately they basically screwed themselves and i am waiting for someone to sue them.

    if i recall correctly fields sister stayed at uga through the spring semester in an environment that was so hostile he had to transfer?


    i have no problem with requiring kids who haven't graduated yet to sit out a year. the problem becomes when you start setting different conditions
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  15. Wes removed that filter as long as it is used in the context of a man's name. If it is used improperly, it will be removed.
  16. someone needs to sue the ncaa on the indiscriminate way they determine who is eligible and who has to sit.

    might cost whomever decides to take a stand, but this [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] is so damn arbitrary it is almost as if they are pushing to get sued over their own policies.
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  17. NCAA has become bigger then college athletics itself. They need to be knocked down a peg. They aren’t interested in either protecting athletes or the institutions they play for. Ideally they would be about protecting both but most people would settle for one or the other.
  18. See, I think it's the exact opposite. The NCAA has completely lost its power over the more powerful member institutions, because those teams know they can survive without the NCAA. Ever since Penn State blew up in their face, they've been pretty much neutered. Oh they're find to hit Boise or Mizzou, but they are hesitant to take the harsher steps against the powerful teams because they know their days would be numbered if they did.
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  19. That’s entirely possible. It certainly the smaller or less influential institutions who get penalized the most.

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