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National Signing Day (Official Thread)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by froglash88, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Maybe but if he's still mobile Id love to see him at DE. He'd be more than a handful.
  2. Too thin. At his height, he would need an additional 40lbs to move inside in my opinion. We prefer large run stoppers on the inside.
  3. So can someone summarize for me the details that have Chatman so conflicted?
  4. The young man appears to be struggling over his commitment to a .500 team at Miami, or maybe flip to highly ranked TCU or strong Pac-10 team ASU. 
    He appears to be the same size now as Lawson, Curry and Lathan. Unless they've grown past their listed weights.
    Unlike Mack, my feeling is he is genuine in his decision. Not working the system like Mack.
  7. On a positive note, Baylor's 2015 kicker did not decommit after the Cotton Bowl... his odds on locking down the starting role are probably pretty good
    I don't care what you say, that kid is dead. I saw him die
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  9. Any chance Chatman decides this month?
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    If I were a kicker, that hit would be enough for me to not commit to Baylor (assuming Waco or Briles wasn't enough already). The last ten minutes of that game created so many fun gifs and images.
    to stay on topic:
    Here's to hoping Song is more Oberkrom than Evans!
    Yeah.... that got me. 
    He's got a Chucky Hunter vibe about him.   Can't go wrong with that.
  12. I think Briles is still yelling for that kicker to get up.
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    people eaters
    ankle breakers
    long-stride playmakers
    Flowers' timing will be perfect with his speed coming in as we graduate others to the next level.
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  14. I'd like to think I could take a hit from Michigan State that well. But I couldn't.
  15. Any updates on Chatman?
  16. nothing said so far
  17. So, what is the last possible minute Chatman can sign his NLI?
  18. Coin flip of the Minnesota game?
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