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National Signing Day (Official Thread)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by froglash88, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. What is the status of Mike Freeze's shoulder rehab?  Is he available for spring? Is he really 6'3" 220# with that speed??
  2. I misremembered what time Chatman was announcing. Anybody know for sure?
  3. I wanted Mack because he's a real talent. I wanted Moi because he filled a hole. But I'm growing a little tired of the poor me approach to recruiting some have taken. We won the Big 12 with kids who signed up to play in the MWC or Big East. Our staff know what and who they are looking for. And our product on he field proves it. I still think we are two more cycles away from top to bottom depth GP desires.

    But look at Niko Small: 6A defensive player of the year in Texas. Had an offer from Stanford and a top 99% on SAT. And he's s rival two star. You want to trade him for some 4 star in Maryland that WVa got or some 'stud' Coach Bro landed at safety who is 4 star because of 'measureables' and hit a rivals camp? Shut the front door and give me Niko Small.
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    I really like the class overall.  I think Raymond has the best chance based on physicality, position of need, and early enrollment.  Niko and Awolope seem like great gets but for no other reason than gut feeling, I think Semaj Thomas may be able to move up the depth chart the quickest.
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    ^^^^^^^ This
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  7. He rescheduled his announcement a couple of times. I stopped wondering, and I am ready to hear about it whenever.
  8. Hmm, had not heard GP talk about Raymond possibly moving to safety.  Would think CEL or one of  the others will really have to step up at corner this spring and summer.
  9. I think a telling sign is that it seems that the staff was more intent on keeping those that they signed rather than trying to upgrade. Yeah, Mack would have been nice, but it really seems like the staff got largely who they wanted.
    It's impressive how quickly these guys gel and it seems like they really like each other. hunt together.
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  10. Riggs, you realize that was Kyle Hicks who welcomed Hights at the beginning of that video, right?
    Sure didn't, but it's completely obvious that it's not Hights now that you say that.
    Well, Hicks is a stout individual.
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  13. How bout a crazy passed last-minute offer to CeCe Jefferson. It's just crazy enough it might work.
  14. Niko! Niko!
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    No kidding. If he keeps his speed at that weight he's going to be a handful. For anyone who didn't see his film or doesn't remember it, take a look:
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  16. CMV a candidate to move inside maybe?

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