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MLB Draft 2019

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Paint It Purple, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. Good luck to those Horned Frogs chasing that dream. Will be interesting to see when and where NL actually goes.
  2. Also, we sure do have a lot of Juniors on this team. Will we lose some of our other Juniors besides NL - Henry, Wolfe, Shepherd, Humphreys, Keefer, Williamson, Guenther, King, Isola? Not sure all of these would get drafted any way.
  3. I don’t think Nick gets past Cincinnati at pick 7.

    TCU signee Q Priester won’t get out of the first round today. He will sign.

    Williamson COULD get picked today but more likely early tomorrow. He’s thrown his last game for TCU IMO.

    Guenther goes in the first few rounds tomorrow and he will sign.

    Most of rest of them are a total crapshoot.... King, Isola, Wolfe, Henry.... who knows???
  4. Do you think we lose any other high school kids? I know you’ve answered this before, but I couldn’t find the answer the other day when I was looking
  5. Is it possible? Yes
    Is it likely? No

    Cornelio is the only other one I could see signing and I’ve heard that’s unlikely. The JUCO arm from AZ could possibly sign as well. Only takes one team liking a guy to make everyone else wrong so I always allow for the unexpected to be possible .
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  6. One of the problems with bringing in JUCO' s is that if they pan out well you only have them for a year. If you have to bring in a lot, you end up having to replace a lot of starters again.
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  7. It was done out of necessity. It’s not the preferred option for our staff.
  8. And it becomes a hard cycle to break out of
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  9. Held out hope he would be available at 8 for the Rangers.
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  10. Rangers take Texas Tech SS Josh Jung at 8
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  11. 3B
  12. That’s right. He’s been playing SS for Tech the last couple of months. The dude is just great player all around.
  13. 70AAD5AD-0012-4503-8564-2C000BDCBD31.jpeg

    Congrats Nick! That pick’s value is $5.43 million

    Looks like he made the right choice coming to TCU
  14. Video of the Reds drafting NL

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  15. NL went from the 41st pick @ $1.6MM to 7th @ $5.5MM. A CWS and 3 years of college under his belt. Nice!
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  16. That's a bigger annual increase than TCU tuition!
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  17. Priester went to the Pirates...
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