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Miller injury?


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Early 3Q (might have been our first possession) Miller got rocked trying to block someone when Duggan was rolling right. He played sparingly after that....


Agree except I wouldn’t vector to Granbury…. I’d go Hico to Glen Rose to Cleburne to Chisholm Trail Parkway if I wanted to get to campus. See no reason to challenge the Cresson train or the 57 stoplights in Benbrook.
Fully concur.
Been awhile since I made the Alamo city run to Cowtown.


I haven’t done it in about a week and a half.



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I expect Iowa St to play their best game of the season and the Frogs will be all hands on deck.
I understand your thinking but to me it depends on severity of injuries. We actually have a great group of receivers such that limiting Johnston and Davis won’t kill us. I really want those guys ready for Kansas State.