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  1. Memphis looks really good this year and in recent seasons. Do they not strengthen the Big 12 coupled with either UC or UCF? Memphis’ overall athletic program is not far from KU and KSU, maybe better.
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  3. They are about to lose their coach to Florida State.
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  4. yes, UCF lost their coach and got a pretty darned good one in heupel. Let’s upgrade this conference, two divisions of 6 teams. Still think BYU and / or Boise could be an add. If we don’t get our stuff together, we’ll be back with Boise in the MWC.
  5. Memphis is a long way from where we were when we moved up

    we were something like 77-13 in the MWC

    they are 38-15 since Norvell arrived and now he is leaving

    one 12-1 season doesn’t make them ready for the P5
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  6. Adding two crap G5 programs is not an upgrade.
  7. right now Memphis has better football and b-basketball teams than TCU.
  8. right now? like at this one moment in time?that isn't exactly a reason to select them.

    You are either really young or seem to have forgotten what TCU, Boise St and Utah accomplished in the G5.

    It wasn't a good year or two - it was a decade of domination.
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  9. Let's shoot for the stars first like with Nebraska and Arkansas.

    Then if no from them Arizona and Arizona State

    Then if no from them I think UCF has the biggest potential because of enrollment size, Orlando market, hot bed talent state, they have their own stadium on campus, tourist area, and it's in SEC/ACC territory (which would be payback to the SEC for taking A&M - although that was a good thing for TCU). UCF after awhile in a power conference could be the next Florida State.

    I dont think though Big 12 has the vision to do anything to get what they want.

    This usually is a later in the off season conversation.
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  10. We just went 5-7.
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  11. Memphis has had better bball than TCU for a lot longer time.
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  12. I understand. Memphis has had a better year than TCU. That doesn't mean that they've had a better 10 years, or that they've shown they in any way bring something of value to the conference.
  13. Right now Memphis has better football and basketball teams than UT, Texas A&M, USC, UCLA, Notre Dame, Florida State, Miami, South Carolina, Oklahoma St, Washington, Nebraska, Arizona St, Stanford, Texas Tech, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Miss St, Colorado, Missouri, Indiana, West Virginia...... you get the point.
  14. I say we add SMU and Rice... you know, for old time’s sake.
  15. Well by Wilson’s logic - SMU is better than us at basketball and football, so there you go....
  16. If we’re doing the “old time sake” thing I’d do Houston instead of Rice. I’m fully in favor of an old time sake type league FWIW...... the old SWC plus OU, OSU, ISU, KSU, Mizzou, KSt, Colorado works for me.
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  17. Every time the mention of conference expansion comes up on here then it becomes crystal clear which people have an understanding of how the business of major college athletics works and which people are totally clueless.
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  18. As long as they're losing there coach can we please steal their Offensive Coordinator?
  19. Memphis just barely beat a bad (by P5 standards) Ole Miss team in Memphis this year. It's not unreasonable to think that they only would've won 6 or 7 games if they were playing in the Big 12.

    And yes, I know that the easy retort to that for some of you will be "but Country, didn't we just hate it when people used to say that about TCU back in our MWC days so we shouldn't look down on these better teams from smaller conferences." TCU had legitimately really good teams and proved it over and over again against big time competition over a period of years. It's kind of like comparing our C-USA team that won the Liberty Bowl in 02 to those great teams we had in the MWC years. That Liberty Bowl team was good by C-USA standards but no way was the program in a place to compete at the highest level at that time the way they were by 08-11.
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