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  1. He needs to learn the Andy Slide.
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  2. if joe buck and brock huard worked a game together is it possible they both talked so much they would use up all the oxygen in the booth?
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  3. That blindside shot from Coburn was brutal. Completely upended him.
  4. And the first down in your face after immediately getting up will work wonders for getting his teammates behind him. Really big moment imo. His team now.
  5. coburn is a pretty healthy boy and i think there are a couple of bbq places on 1960 near ella that have gone out of business since he graduated from westfield and headed to austin
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  6. Can’t believe he got up from it. That hit puts most guys out of the game at least for a series or two just to make sure all the parts are still in working order.
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  7. So great! Only way to respond after almost having your head ripped off your shoulders.
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  8. Yah I wasn’t expecting it either.
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  9. I see Max as more of a cross between Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, and Johnny Unitas with just a little bit of Mike Vick in him.
  10. I was already all in on Max but that final drive with the 3rd down throws to Stephens and Barber, the TD run, and that run with the 1st down signal just made me want to go out there and throw some blocks for the kid. O-Linemen have to absolutely LOVE Max.
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  11. Big hit but a very clean hit
  12. Absolutely a clean hit. Blindside because MD never saw it coming.
  13. I think we have a kid who will play as well as or better than Johnny Manziel, except he has a good brain and is a solid character and won't throw off any Aggie type stench . I think Max will become a really big deal in his sophomore season (when he's the same age Manziel was his first season playing).. He has the skills and athleticism to be a Staubach/Tarkington type and will be making plays out of nothing.. It's going to be fun watching him do so.. Personally, I'm glad he's not redshirting- we'll get at least 3 and maybe 4 years of him..
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  14. I keep going back to Mayfield. It may take another year before he really is the man for the team with his leadership and will to win like Mayfield was. He has a better arm than Mayfield and is faster. He's going to be a good one and I'm comparing him to Mayfield when he was a senior, not a true freshman so it's easy to see his upside comparing the two. Bram was a leader and could make plays but he didn't have the overall athleticism of Max and Boykin didn't have the discipline. We beat OSU in Stillwater and we might just win out, yep including OU.
  15. Only for boobs, not moobs.
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  16. He looks a lot more fluid of an athlete than Baker. At times he reminds me a lot of McKenzie Milton
  17. On that note, Dalton's take on the slide was often to dive forward at the feet of the nearest tackler. You'd have to blatantly spear him to make contact at all. I don't recall Andy getting hurt on any of these forward slides, and he got two or more extra yards versus the baseball type QB slide.
  18. But the difference is that Max has the wheels to be a home run threat. AD was never going to break anything longer than 15 or 20 so he got what he could and then dove forward. Max has more 50+ yarders in his future so I don’t picture him being a get 5 or 6 and shut it down type of runner. Hopefully he can pick his spots well and protect himself.
  19. Never understood the feet first slide. So awkward looking and really not any safer IMO than just staying low and going head first like AD used to, and like you said they don’t spot it where you start the slide.
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  20. I thought the interception was a good sign. Not that I want him to have one again. But it showed me he has been working on his touch with how he throws the ball. Seemed he got more confident after the interception like it broke the pressure of being 100% safe with the ball. It was ok to test the backfield of the competition and try to make some plays.

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