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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by oklahomafrog, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. Because he usually doesn't have any!
  2. I think Duggan still has the potential to be a really good quarterback with the right coaching. I’d be surprised if he isn’t an excellent QB by the time he’s an upper class man. He has heart and desire if no thing else. He’s by far and away the best QB signee we’ve had since Boykin in 2012.

    With that being said I want it to be a 100% open competition in his offseason. No favoritism. If Baldwin outperforms Duggan this offseason, then I want to see Baldwin as the day 1 starter in 2020.
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  3. This is my fear. His development may be really up to his own devices as many players haven’t seemed to develop as we would have thought and hoped under this staff recently.
  4. I think Raw Frog makes a lot of sense, there should be an open competition this Spring. There were several drops but a lot of the throws were high, behind the receivers, etc...he is not accurate and that is the hardest thing to teach according to Mike Leach...hope Baldwin is better now that we have lost all of our other QBs because we bet on Duggan...yesterday everyone was saying good riddance to Collins and the other QBs who have left the program, maybe the QBs were smarter than the fans and knew he wasn't that good but was given way too many opportunities based on his on field performance...I certainly hope we can turn this program around as I truly love TCU and GP...
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  5. Congrats on all the money you donated. Any chance you like fly fishing?
  6. Well Delton wasn’t ready to play either.
  7. Probably that is the most frustrating. How can you develop a young QB when every play is a Chinese fire drill.
  8. I can think of another reason but I don’t want to get a vacation from the mods
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  9. Max’s biggest problem right now is he is still slow to make reads. Numerous throws are made about a second late, and the extra time put pressure on what was an average OL (at best). Hopefully, the game will speed up for him. He has a world of potential.
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    Our OL did us no favors today, and our receivers were not much better. The whole offense is a cluster.
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  11. If Cumbie remains OC we will look up 4 years from now and talk about how unbelievable a competitor Max is but we will certainly not be talking about him leading us to a championship.

    It’s not enough to recruit kids with great tools. You still have to coach it..Cumbie can’t coach them
  12. I'll send you the gift receipts, why is everyone so rude on here?
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  13. Perhaps because your first few posts were ass?

    Edit. And you sound a little too BearlyAFrog-ish.
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  14. His numbers were bad this year, but (1) it wasn't his fault that we had zero competent QBs with experience who were healthy enough to play. (2) I don't think anyone was going to look good in this abortion of an offense.

    If GP hires a competent OC and allows him to run the offense, I think Duggan will be very good. If GP keeps Cumbie, our offense will continue to suck.
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  15. Max has a lot of growing up to do. I think people are confused about what your expectations are for a QB who has never played a game of college football. He was definitely a below average QB this year but I’m going to guess there hasn’t been to many true freshman that weren’t below avg. Given the poor coaching and scheme he’s running, there just isn’t a lot of room for success. He has the tools to be a good one
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  16. Because you come on here acting like your DONATION makes you the [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ].

    Like your DONATION buys you a voice or privilege.

    Like your DONATION makes you a coach.

    Well, guess what, it's just that - a donation and gift. A gift is something that you GIVE away and expect nothing in return, yet your ass somehow thinks that GIFT bought you a voice.

    Also, calling out players like that is a low blow and completely uncalled for.

  17. This from a jackhole who just bragged about how much money he donated. I needed a good laugh after that one. Kudos to you oklahomafrog, you’ve singlehandedly robbed me of the ability to say “that might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on here” from this day forward. It will now be “that might be the second dumbest thing I’ve ever read on here”.
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  18. because Max gave us a chance. Imagine 12 games of Delton. We'd be 2-10.
  19. My first few posts were direct but turned out to be correct...I certainly hope I am wrong and he turns it around next season but I have seen a lot of football in my lifetime including Dalton when I attended TCU. I just don't think Duggan is that good. There is a big difference between Iowa HS football and the Big 12. The speed is too much for him right now.
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  20. You must be new. You can get hammered on here even if your posts are logical and make sense. God forbid you talk about money contributions or throw a talented freshman that has shown signs of brilliance under the bus that has had a mediocre supporting cast.
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